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  1. When I had nute burn that young I waited until she was about a month old and in her final pot for over a week before I added any nutes. Then started at 1/4 strength and moved up slowly every other watering . Those leaves won't fix, but hopefully it's not so stunted that it'll produce new growth and come in how it should.
    EDIT I see you said 32 days. Don't even think about nutes until you can get her healthy
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  2. Ok what do you think about cutting the leaves? And do I cut at the beginning of the branch? Or do I leave a little, or do I just cut the leaves off of the branch?
  3. She's not healthy enough/doesn't have enough leaves for you to be cutting any off. You need to get healthy new growth before you do anything
  4. I also saw your run off was 5. Something last time. Is that still the case? If so you have lock out. Soil needs to be between 6 and 7. I usually do lower 6s to start higher 6s into flower
  5. Okay so today I watered with watered that phd at around 7-7.5. The run off was about 6.1-6.3. And if it's a nutrient lockout, why are my plants showing signs of toxicity... wouldn't I be seeing signs of deficiency? I'm very eager to learn all this stuff so put in all the juicy details. And tell you're friends about the thread ;)
  6. You're getting closer to the range. A lock out doesn't mean it's not getting nutes. What it means is certain nutrients aren't available at certain ph levels and some are more available at certain ph levels. So when you have lockout it's not locking EVERYTHING out, but whatever nutrient the scale at that point there for they take in more of the other nutes that are available
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  7. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Bag seed - day 65
    Liberty haze - day 30
    Northern lights - day 21

    The bag seed has improved a lot since I last posted, I also fimed last week. You. An see the two tops in the pic I upload.
    I also planted a liberty haze and a northern lights, they both look great and they were much less stunted than the bagseed and the proof is in the pudding because they both look much healthier, this is also my first time growing with good genetics so maybe it's just the seeds.. just wanted to post some update pics!! If any body has some advise about the yellowing. You can see it in the pics, it's on the first three nodes of the liberty haze plant but it's been there a while and hasn't spread up. It's on the first true leaves of the northern lights and also the tips of the middle and largest leaves on the first node.. any advise would be great
  8. Bump!... also I haven't quite fixed the ph on the bag seed.. the runoff is still around 5.7-6.0. I flushed it with water that phed at 7.5, but I'm going to buy something to raise the ph because that just didn't raise it... but the plant seems muc healthier.
  9. The second picture looks like p.h fluctuations. I have some liberty haze to grow as yell, and they aren't the easiest to grow. Especially in flower. That's when they get really fragile.
    The third picture on the bottom looks like the start of a potassium defficiency .

    Could also be from p.h fluctiations. Why not get a digital p.h pen?
  10. I would also suggest top and lst now
  11. Super crop that bag seed. She's all over the place
  12. I also want to mention that I'm using 100% FFOF soil and it does tend to burn young plants a bit!
  13. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Bag seed... day 71
    Liberty haze... day 36
    Northern lights... day 27
    Just an update... moved my whole set up to a shed in my backyard from my house... it shocked them a bit while I was adjusting the temp... it's really cold outside but I set up a heater and now they're fine... I pruned a few fan leaves off of the bottom of the bag seed and I wanted to know what y'all think about pruning some of these can leaves on my liberty haze... they're really big and light just doesn't penetrate how I want it to... enjoy the pics!! Also I don't know if you can tell, the pic is kind of blurry, but I fimed the liberty haze as well. It's the las. Pic.
  14. Got a 300w Vicodin led... going to start flowering soon. I haven't added any nutes yet, should I start that when flowering?

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  15. For the bushier plants: If u want a good or decent yield I’d prune off anything that can’t reach past the middle of the plant.. take off the bottom 1/3 of the plant so it’s bare.. this will force your tips to grow bigger and plant to be fuller.. also, pinch and roll-twist/squeeze the tallest stems (just below the height where the shorter stems are) and super crop! Try get them an even height.. after u do stress the ladies I recommend a feed to speed up recovery. I’d personally TOP the tall single cola plants now to get u a V shape and a more open shorter and bushy plant.

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  16. Update: I did some trimming and I super cropped the two primary nodes on the liberty haze, they're not really leaning but they're very bendy now and I didn't want to bend them anymore...I'll order some nutes... I was thinking fox farm products. Big bloom and tiger bloom.

    Took lots of pics ! ;) image.jpg liberty haze image.jpg liberty haze image.jpg bagseed
    image.jpg bagseed image.jpg
  17. Looking good. Nice to see a fellow supercropper.

    Supercropping > all other training methods in my book. It's easy mode. Bend a few branches, walk away, /done.

    Just at a glance your color of green is super dark. You are walking the edge of nitro toxicity. Ease up on the nitro and consider a pre-problem flush just to knock back any buildup you might have.

    They may start to take off with all that defoliating and bending and exhaust it without you washing it out. They do still look healthy. It's a judgement call. If they were in bucket hydro I would change the water and reduce the nitro. When you're trapped in a medium flushing is your only option. That's why I'm a hydro grower.
  18. A lot of drooping and some bleaching on the tips at the bottom. I'm thinking it was light stress so I moved the 300w led about 6in higher... I've been gradually putting the light closer to see how it reacted to more light.also my leaves are pretty dark and a little shiny... I've added no nutes and I'm using FFOF soil.

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  19. So I fixed the issue by raising the light and adding water, I couldn't believe it at first but for some reason it drank its water almost twice as fast as normal...also I got my first preflowers!!!!! Please give me some insight ASAP! Because I'm debating whether the bagseed is a hermie or a female.

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