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  1. Also, my stem is a little purpleish, what does that mean? Or is it normal?
  2. Watch Elaine inghams videos on YouTube, growyourowngreens has good info, and look into spectrum King LEDs. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights | Spectrum King LED
    Lights that mimic sunlight. Best resin resin production I've seen and low heat output. Plants also like higher heat in the full spectrum light. Follow your VPDchart and use fermented plants extracts (comfrey and moringa leaf powder) aloe Vera and coconut in veg and just coconut and plant ferments (horse tail stinging nettle) in flower. And use very clean water as buds accumulate heavy metals from the water. That's my advice for first time growers.
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  3. Wow thanks, this is some great info, which light would you recommend for my 32"x32" grow tent? Could I flower with the 140w or should I just get the 400+?
  4. IMG_1082.JPG Day 9,,
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  5. Ayy there you go. Make sure you keep that light close. Mine were so close my plant grew into them in the last 8 hours haha. I raised them extra this time.
    Your plant is getting its roots going right now, give it another week or so and you'll be getting good growth

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  6. Veg and flower with the 140w. The 400w would bleach your buds hahaha. These lights out out mass light. Kinda makes you feel good at night looking in your tent. planta obviously love it.
  7. IMG_1088.JPG Day 12,, when do I start using nutes and what kind I don't know much about nutes. And what do y'all think about inducing flowering early, I just got my seeds that I ordered and this is just a bag seed, I wanna see it through I kind of just want to start my new seeds asap.??
  8. image.jpg Help!! I don't know what's happening to her
  9. Personally I'd construct a lil box with a cfl and start it in that be way better than main tent as a start
  10. Why?
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  11. Okay so I did my first watering until I got runoff.. because I was told my plant my be under watered since I was only spraying the surface... my water ph was 6.2-6.5. The runoff ph was about 5.5-5.8. Is this okay or no?
  12. image.jpg image.jpg Day 18, slowly getting new growth. Well it seems slow to me but this is my first grow so I don't have any experience to compare this too. Is it to early to prune the dead leaves right now.. everything I see about pruning is talking about plants that are much older than mine..
  13. Also I raised my lights to about a foot above the plant because even though I'm pretty sure it's nute burn from the FFOF, I thought it could be heat stress and I just wanted to play it safe...
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  14. Well whenever you're trying to fix an issue with plants or are recovering from a problem, you always want to back the lights off, and let them recover a few days.. In my personal opinion anyway...

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  15. You have so few leaves, i wouldn't cut anything off unless it's totally dead. Im no expert tho

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  16. You need to do wayy more research on youtube and looking at other peoples grows
  17. Just a heads up fox farm of isn't good for starting out, it's usually to hot for seedlings. I've had a seedling die off on me from that same soil . If your going to use that, mix it with something like happy frog or anything a little bit lighter. Idk what lights your using but if it's cfl you need to keep them about 2 or 3 inches from the plant. Your pretty small for 18 days, I wouldn't prune or switch to flowering until you get a healthy plant. Try and bring this one back before you start planting new seeds, not knowing your problem, and making the same mistake.

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  18. IMG_1115.JPG IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1117.JPG Day 32 update... growth has been slow, still showing signs of mute burn from the FFOF on the 5th node.. does any one have any experience with this? When should I stop seeing burnt leaves? Also when should I start using nutes considering the nute burn? Started training. Added a 23w cfl, 5000k bulb to the side. Tell me what y

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