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  1. Hi there peeps,

    Just hoping someone can guide me through the final stages of my first grow.
    I've neglected her for a while & im sure I made some crazy mistakes throughout.
    nutrients: 1mil of budgrow & 2mil of overdrive every feed. Approx 1L feed every 2nd day. She's in soil, & doesn't look like she's grown much at all over the past 2-3 weeks.
    It's only my first grow for personal use.
    Not sure how much longer before harvest (not much there but I'm still ok with it)
    Any advice & guidance will be very much appreciated.
    Look forward to some professional advice[attachment=139253:IMG_8268.JPG][attachment=139254:IMG_8269.JPG]

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  4. Your first problem is an obvious lack of good strong flower lighting. That's why your plant is so lanky, tall and not filled out. Light is the most important equipment in the indoor grow. Your plant is tall because it has spent time stretching for light instead of developing out buds. Over watering is another problem. You water a plant ONLY after you can lift the container and it feels light as a feather....weight means water is still in soil. Nutrients are just plant food and you can pour them in all day long and not get better growth. Nutes feed, light grows. Just part of learning how. Take some time and read & watch bids on You Tube to get basics down.....especially lighting. It takes serious wattage for every plant to get optimal growth and bud production.
  5. But I believe I have more than enough light. 600w Hps + 1000w led.

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