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  1. my first plant is growing fine but it sprouted kinda to the side of the cup . Will that be a problem like it roots want to sprout and hit the side of the cup?
  2. Hi . Roots will grow were they can. Only a cup so plant properly wen transfere to bigger pot. It will be fine x
  3. I ran into the same issue recently with one of my seedlings popping up about an inch from the side of the container. I kept an eye on it and when it came time to move I noticed that the roots had mainly stretched downwards and hadn't been affected by being so close to the side.

    Some good advice I got (and followed) was to keep a light breeze on the seedlings so that they sway gently and return to stand upright when the breeze stops. This will help strengthen the roots near the base.

    Good luck!
  4. Hey ma you seem like you know what you are doing can you help me out with my plants I am a first time grower also they are only a foot tall and have flowers I do not want them to flower I think they are flowers not sure better viewed by someone who seen this before mor expeirenced

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  5. Nice plants!
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  6. Got one of my own, she's the only one that didn't die on me...I got a ? for ya... Is Miracle Grow bad for your plants? My brother's friend said that Miracle Grow makes the weed non-smokable, says it'll burn your throat.
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  7. Thankyou Sw33t.candy42 my first grow I read alot so yeah and dint use miracle grow has fert that will burn your plants and bad taste and burn your throat stay organic
  8. The best thing to do go to home depit or lowes get miatcle grow organic or pro mic or Patio plus organic if your on a budget its on $5 for 1.5 cubit feet tjats enough for one plant mabye two bahs just to give it extra root grow
  9. As I understand it miracle grow has "slow release" nutrients which will starve your plants. Cannabis requires a good amount of nitrogen and the requirements are different when vegetating and flowering. Also be aware of any potting mix that say its "organic" as it can still be composed of ~99% "slow release" nutrients.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys!✌️

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