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    Hey everyone this will be my first grow and was hoping to get some input.
    I have a:
    -5 Purple Kush auto seeds
    -24x24x60 in tent
    -400w MH light kit. and HPS bulb
    -Fan for circulation
    I need the inline fan and carbon filter.
    -Would it be better to buy a combo or make the filter?
    -For my size 4in fan should be be ok?
    -Do I need and exhaust/intake fan if I have an inline?
    Sorry, for the newb questions I have been reading but, am still a bit confused.

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    Maybe something like this?
    carbon filter attached to inline fan with duct going out.
    purple=oscillating fan.
    I am also putting my tent together.
    So, would like some input from others.

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  3. With the lights your running youll most likely need a cool tube so you could run it carbon filter >> duct >> cooltube >> duct >> fan >> outside >>>>>> .. im not sure if you can get a 4 inch cooltube I think the smallest is 6 inch but you could always use down sizers

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    Why do you say I would need a cool tube?
  5. Mh is cooler then a hps. Its easier to keep your temps down. I've used a 400 hps and I used the cool tube to keep the temps down.

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