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  1. :hello:First post and first grow, just started some seeds today. I might be posting picks of germinated seeds in the morning. Any tips for someone who's is completely new to this? I am going to be growing in my closet I will have pool a liner on the floor, a small fan, one of those sodium lights, pots, soil and a florescent light and I want to figure out how to add co2 to the air as to minimize time in the vegetative growth stage.
  2. im pretty sure those air horns have co2 in them just break the cone or smeting or you will definetely give yousel away lol ...... FLorescent light why??? you should get a uva or uvb ray light bulb or something like that thats what i used and ive never seen something grow sso fast dont use chemical fertilizers lol all organic man... and wats a sodium light??? if you live somewhere with spagnum moss or what not if your brave and want to be totally natural throw some in te soil ground up..... great for ph and nitrites and stuff
  3. Do not worry about Co2... If you do not have CO2 controller there would be no way for you to keep PPM in the air at the correct(effective level)..... All those CO2 soda bottles is just a joke....
  4. Really? I would suppose if you were to add enough it would help wouldn't it?
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    It does have a positive effect , but only if CO level is on the specific level.... Shit I am ... Hm.... Medicated :)

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