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  1. Let me know how you think I'm going. Will answer questions and provide more pictures are request.

    Two plants minor leaf burn from spraying early on. Since then stopped spraying and no new marks. Plant 2 lost leaf from the burn. But still grows unaffectedly plant age is about 2-3 weeks seems like around week 1-2 they barley grew I was also having heat problems with my heater not staying at 80. Would get to 85+ or wouldn't heat at all to mid 50's. please any feedback will be appreciated. Growing in miracle gro soil seed starting potting mix.

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  2. Are you still 24hrs in for the light cycle? The temp can move around with lights on to lights out if your shooting for a max of 80 then a low in 60-65 range would be alright. Kind of mimicking nature sunrise sunset.
    What are the room dimensions? Time to transplant soon have you chosen your soil and nutrient lineup? Looks ok the MG products a frowned on due to time release fertilizers.
    Happy growing
  3. Yes still 24/7 how long you think I can still do that for? I've heard 30 max and I've heard till I wanna stop. Also recommendation to move up too? And due to the soil I have already which would you recommend transferring too? I'm not a pro but I don't want to shock them from going to one soil to another. Also with nuits I've been looking but I would love input from others as well, lights are CFL 2 per plant right now. Not sure wattage tho. Will do some looking on bulbs. A buddy of mine who has grown 1 plant gave me those but he never made it to harvest. Also in a small closet LxWxH around 3x4x12 ft once in the closet.
  4. The light cycle is your choice after 24 hr you can drop it to 18/6 till you put them to flower that when you switch to 12/12. I prefer 2 weeks from seed in 24 hr then drop to 18/6 for the rest of veg cycle 30-45 days. They can double in height when you switch to the 12/12 cycle its all about how big or long you keep them in a vegetative state. Your soil you have is a starting mix. You want to read up on the types of soils that are used and hope you live in a good area that carries decent dirt/medium. I use organics basically buy raw peat compost kelp EWC(earthworm poop) mix and let sit a few weeks before planting to it. This link below is a good read to help you understand.

    Alot of members use the Fox Farms nutrient line and their Soil line it is all about cost and the availability in your area. If you read in the stickies over in organic section there are recipes for mixing up soil there. Lights are up to your budget and space the cfl's will get you through veg and flower but the yeild will be less than if you flowered under a HPS.

    Its the best hobby time killer you will find and the reward of smoking your own is the best. Load a bowl and read the stickies.
  5. Appreciate all the help, I will do some early research, and develop a better understanding of the organic route to this. It's more of a hobby then a stash house so any yield will be significant as I barley smoke but more work more fun ahead of me.

    Happy growing to you and I hope all of your plants do well.

    The artistically inclined John Doe thanks you.

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