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  1. This is my first grow I am about 8 weeks into veg one Indica and one sativa Have plants in 5 gallon bucket with Fox Farms soul enriched with bat guano its on a feeding cycle of every other watering with fix farm nutrients is currently under a 4x4 T5 light is on 18/6 light schedule

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  2. Nice Grow Start. Keep Us posted. More Pictures the better in My book. Toke a Fatty for Freedom.
  3. Well its been a month and in that time we losr our grow room due to my idiot brother inlaw tried moving the plants to another spot but sadly all of them have died :eek: but we are now at a new location with 6 new babies :D I dint know what they are since were using basically a grab bag of good dro seeds weve been saving over the last 6 mths Im really hopefully i get to harvest this time. Will post pics soon grow room is not anything like my last all we have is a small fan and 100 watt CFL light but as money is tight due to an unexpected move Im buying what I can when I can send positive ebergy my way guys my plants need all the xtra love they can get.......

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