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  1. Hey guys :wave:. I want to start off by saying that I have used information found on this forum very much in building my knowledge of growing to a point where I said "screw it, lets do itttt" so i'm going to start my first grow very soon.

    As of right now, i have 10 seeds in a shot glass, waiting for them to sink so i can throw them in some paper towels.

    I want to keep this thread updated with pics of my grow, and keep it as sort of a grow journal. I would also like to ask some questions if I have some bumps in the road.

    So lets start off by talking about my set up, shall we?

    The room: is a quartered off section of my detached garage, which is then divided into 2 rooms. The room on the left is just storage for growing equip., and the room to the right is the grow room. All of this is behind a peg board wall with a hidden door, and its pretty damn hard to spot unless you already knew it was there (pics comming soon!)

    The final dimensions of the grow room are 3'6" by 3'9". the ceiling is on a slant, but the lowest side is 7 ft. It is painted in flat white

    The equipment: The light is a 600 watt (mh and hps convert.) with an air cooled hood (not a cooltube). Id post a link of the exact one but i'm not sure if that allowed?

    The fan is a 4 inch, 190 cfm inline, with a 18 inch long carbon filter the exhaust will be ported like this --> carbon filter>ducting>air cooled light>ducting>fan>duct to outside the room into the main shop

    The grow: The seeds i have are 10 that my dealer claims "come from some dank" but, I really wouldn't care as long as its mj for my first grow.

    I plan to veg for 40-50 days, and top my plants and try to get 2 or 4 mains

    My goals are set high for a beginner: out of the 10 seeds, I want to end up with no less than 4 females, and pull 2 oz's of cured from each. now, i'm not gonna be throwing a hissy fit if i don't meet 2 oz per plant, whatever i get, i get.

    Whew, long post (and first post on any forum ever, actually o.o)

    Tell me what you guys think! and try to keep this bad boy full of posts! :hello:
  2. Oops, i think I might have put this in the wrong forum. I just discovered that there is a sub forum for grow journals. I apologize.

    But, as of now the plants are in 16 ounce solo cups, and have breached the surface. They are between 1 and 2 inches tall, most with 4 leaves. Right now they are in a home made "nursery" box with 3 18" t8 shop lights (one is 6500k, 2 are cool white) . I'm planning on moving them under the 600 watt MH in a week.
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    Well, I got my plants up under the 600 watt MH. Figured since this thread is getting some views I will post some pics.

    These pictures are of my grow room and baby plants. The plants in the smaller cups are tomato plants. Do you guys think that the light is too close? its about 10" away from the tops of the tallest plants.

  4. Looking good so far be sure to keep a fan on them, helps to strengthen the stems.
    Welcome, and be safe.
  5. Yeah i have 2 small fans on them. The black one you see in the first pic oscillates as well. I haven't seen any growth yet, but its only been a day lol.

    So, I have a question. It got up to 90 degrees in my grow room, so i bumped the watts down to 75%, and that brought temps down to about 82. How much will this effect my plants/yeild?

    I know more light is better, but id rather have slower growth than heat stressed plants.
  6. I'm along for the adventure. :wave:
  7. Well heres a little update on the seedlings at 10 days. they are looking okay, but some are starting to show a little yellowing that has me worried and one isint doing so hot. The runt is still, well, a runt.


    This is the one that isint doing too good. What do you guys think could be wrong with it? :confused:

  8. I also have one that got 2 large brown spots on its lower 2 leaves. I think it was under watering, cause I was watering every 4 or 5 days to avoid over watering them. What do you guys think?
  9. looking good, that 4 inch fan will struggle to keep that 600 cool plus pull through a carbon filter and cool the room, i would of went with a 6inch, and bought a speed controller to turn it down abit if needed, the brown spot could be a Ph thing or nute thing, or under watering, or heat.what soil are you using? has it already got feed in it?
  10. Its miracle grow seed starting mix. Im going to transplant into roots organic in a few days. As for the fan, its what I could pick up. I got it for real cheap as overstock. Im thinking of adding a 4 inch booster fan in the line.
  11. What are those vent tube things that are running through your lamp in the first picture above, and what happens if you don't use them?
  12. If I dident use those, then the room would probably be like 95 or 100 degrees. It is an air cooled light hood. All you do is put the light in the line between the filter (or whatever intake you have) and your fan. The air passing over the bulb cools it down a lot.
  13. Nice! I pretty much did the same thing! my room is setup a bit differently though. im using a t5 light for veg at the moment got a 1000w for flower. but so far so good! i would say that runt is obviously unhealthy...could be a dud to begin with but not sure. i lost 3 out of 10. 2 didnt crack and one didnt sprout. def subbed to keep an eye out. ill prob start my own thread as well :)
  14. if you buy a booster i would use a 6inch booster to cool your light, then the 4inch for the filter and room, so have booster>ducting>light>ducting>out room, so the air that is being sucked through the light never enter the room then have 4inch fan>filter, blowing the hot air out room, your temps will be alot cooler with 2 separate fans,
  15. your gunna wanna get some bigger pots to transplant them into soon
  16. Yeah they are going into 3 gallon smart pots in a few days
  17. Ok, today i just transplanted into 3 gallon smart pots. 2 of which are in FFOF and the rest are in roots organic. 3 parts soil to one part perlite roughly. Got some pics for you guys:





    How are they looking guys? They are about 14 days from germination. I think they are growing a bit slow...but hey as long as everyone thinks that they are healthy im happy.

    Btw, the plants that are not in smart pots are tomatoes (love me some tomatoes...)
  18. Very nice, you should see much healthier growth. How far away is your light?

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