First Grow Yellow Leaves :(

Discussion in 'Security' started by timtime123, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I have tried to grow before but never successfully because of my parents but now i have my own place and this plant I've been growing is probably about a month old and its maybe 1-1/2 foot tall and its leaves seem to be yellowing and they look kind of sickly i have them in a 1x1x3 ft box with a 125 watt flood grow bulb and i have another plant that's only been in there for 3 weeks and its doing fine should i cut them off leave them on because the top leaves seem to be doing ok im not quite sure what to do. 

  2. i was reading some other guides and i think that i water it too much because i water every day so that might be why but iam always worried when i see dry soil so maybe thats the problem
  3. Yes, you are watering to much. Only water when the soil an inch or so deep is dry. I find it best to let the plant tell me when to water, the leaves will start to wilt, then drench it good.

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  4. Wrong section but your yellow leaves are probably symptoms of a nitrogen deficiency, overwatering may have contributed to this by leeching the soil.
  5. I think changing your light to a cfl would be better for the same amount of watts than a flood light, i've heard those are no bueno
  6. nice avatar too haha mike judge knows American culture in the funniest ways
  7. same thing happened to me but i didnt over water it
    my problum was that i made a water reservoir of like a liter of water with PH down to get it to 6.
    i never checked the water after that till i noticed yellowish in the leafs
    when i checked water it was at 7.5 i think
    so moral of story, check your water PH everytime  

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