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  1. image.jpeg image.jpeg First Grow - AF Blueberry - Indoor - Hydro
    I am so stinking excited that I finally received my seeds ! So I went out and got what all my research has instructed.

    5 gallon tub, air stone, air pump, tubing, CFL
    Bulbs (88¢ For 4 can you believe !?!?), 3 storm drain end thingys that I plan on using as pots, perlite, fish fertilizer 5-1-1, and those soil "patties" that get fat after soaking in water.

    I constructed my system based on diagrams and grow journals I'd seen.. It came out pretty decent. I'd really love any suggestions, comments, well wishes that you guys will send !

    Now.. I decided to do a hydro system BUT I couldn’t, for the life of me, find those clay pellet rock things. So I remembered seeing a picture of someone’s hydro system that had a little soil in the net pots and the roots looked to be thriving I followed suit. I originally bought perlite to use as my medium but it wouldn’t fucking stay in the net pots so I just sprinkled it at the top. I’ll upload a picture of a bottle hydro system later so that everyone can have a nice understanding on how I’m hypothesizing these will grow !
  2. Well good luck! I don't ever recommend that a new grower start out with hydro because of the overwhelming lack of success that new growers typically have with it. But if you've done your research and truly understand the plant and how a hydro system works, then go at it. You live and die by pH with hydro, so I hope you have a good tester before you start out. I think the range you're going for is 5.5 to 6.5. Most of the time, people with little grow experience get messed up with hydro when issues pop up and the grower doesn't know if it's the setup that's the problem or the plant, so I recommend growing a couple in soil just to familiarize yourself with growing the plant and learning to read what it's telling you...because it will always tell you what's wrong. You just have to understand it well enough to know how to deal with the issue. Good luck! Hope all goes well. TWW
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