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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am currently doing my first grow of white widow big bud. I am using a 4x4x6.5 tent under a 600w MH and have 2 inline fans, one for intake and one for out 260cfm. The light is about 18 inches from the plants. They have just been placed in 5g buckets.
    I am looking for any pointers such as when and how much nutes to start, does it respond well to topping/Fiming/LST. Does anyone have an idea on the yield or how long to veg.

    Any pointers would be great.

  2. I'd start by detailing what they're growing in [soil (what kind), coir, etc.]. How is the drainage? What is their current age? Pics would be helpful.

    Then folks will be able to answer everything else pretty well. Yield will depend greatly on how long you veg and the how well you grow them.
  3. The soil they are in is Roots organize formula 707. They were dropped in soil just shy of 3 weeks ago but the root system was getting a bit serious and a buddy told me to transplant them. At first water it seemed like the water just sat on top of the soil but now when I water them the water goes straight threw and is draining out of the bottom in about 2 seconds.

    Let me see if I can figure out the pictures
  4. 1457542405678.jpg 1457542494326.jpg

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  5. The one that's slightly larger has some brown around the edges of the 1st true set of leaves which I can't seem to figure out why. The guy at the store told me once transplanted the soil should have enough to allow it to grow 2 weeks before needing nutes. Does anyone know what that may be?

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  6. 18" is pretty close for a seedling, I'd raise it up to maybe 30" and let it relax a little. Looks like there is a little light burn.

    Just go to Roots Organics website and follow their suggestions on nutes. I know they are there because I use their Buddha Grow and Bloom ferts. I think they are a great company and I'd trust their products and recommendations.

    Aurora Innovations
  7. Okay sounds great. Thank you.

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