First grow, would like some tips/advice.

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    Well before i go out and spend 200 bucks or so for a proper grow, and due to very limited space and parental constraints, im doing a cheap micro grow. 4 23 watt cfl's(they say they work like 100 watts but id imagine the energy used is what the plants want.) The ph is 6.9, but im using a cheap little ph reader that you put the metal rod into the soil, and a little meter display. Not sure if theyll work properly.My one plant int he left pot, its new growth is slightly chlorosis seems to be growing in awkwardly. I'd imagine its some nutrient deficiency but im no expert. Any help tips comments greatly appreciated, as always

    This is the pot on the right, 2 plants in this one, half the foilage i missing b/c a few weeks back the whole light fixture had fallen and it stayed turned on, luckily they are cfl's and only burnt the plant and not my dad's house.
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    Overhead shot of the grow box, its an apple computer moniter box lol. 8' pots.
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    The sick(?) plant
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    More sick.
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  2. the most common prob is the ph try flushing with ph level water what type of nutes are you using and when are you going to flower cause your about the max in veg with a pc box
  3. This week, wanted to give the pot on the right time to recooperate from the light fall. And ph of 6.9 is good i thought.
  4. Anyone can help me please?

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