First grow, would appreciate some help.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by highgradewilly, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. I'm in a 2' x 4' area and am running a 400w HPS with an air cooled hood. I'm running a constant temp of 78 and growing in soil wit out CO2. I'm 2 weeks into flowering and everything looks great, as far as nutrients I'm keeping it simple and using only FOX FARM products. The problem is that the grow room is crowded with 10 plants, I trimmed and left only the strongest branches to bud but there's less than a foot of canopy space for each plant. I don't want to sacrifice any of the plants, they're beautiful and bursting with buds but this is the only space I have to grow. What should I do and how many plants can I keep in this space?
  2. 2 plants maybe 3 or 4 and scrog them.
  3. What will happen if i finish all 10 plants?
  4. doubt all 10 will be female unless youve not mentiond theyre feminized seeds.

    you might end up with like 4 or 5 females
  5. They're all female 5 are clones and the other 5 are from seed. They all have several 1 inch buds. I will try to post some pics ASAP. Is it OK to trim the fan leaves that cover buds?
  6. Yes, just be sure not to trim the whole leaf if you can avoid it. Try to leave at least a third.

    How fast are the plants still filling out? If they've slowed their growth and are just filling out now you can probably keep them all.

    Be prepared to harvest a couple early if things get really bad. Don't be sad though... it's better to lose a few than have to dump everything because they got crowded and molded out.

    Crowding causes moisture buildup and is a perfect environment for mold growth. Bad news.

    Next time just use poultry netting in a SCRoG setup. You'll get a more even forest of buds and you get to do things like tuck those fan leaves under the netting away from the buds :)

    Grow On :)
  7. Since it's your first grow just have fun with it, yeah you want some hectic herbage afterwards but i think what i'm looking for is called " The Learning Curb "

    The DUck.
  8. Will mold produce if I keep the humidity at around 50%? I bent the top of the taller plants to keep an even canopy when they were vegging. They have slowed their growth and seem to be concentrating their energy toward the flowers. Thanx for the info, it's very much appreciated.

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