First Grow, worried buds are small!

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    Hey everyone, I'm a first time grower and I'm now officially entering my 6th week of flowering on a Blue Cookies, AK-47, and a Bubblegum plant.
    I'm personally feeling stoked on this grow because I've ran into no issues whatsoever through the entire grow. No nutrient issues, ph issues or anything of the sorts. They've been growing happy and healthy (so I think) since they popped.

    However I'm concerned that my buds seem to be rather small. I'm sure I'm being partly impatient but I'd still love to hear what you guys think as I'm not skilled enough to truly say if things are on track.

    My setup is pretty humble and if I'm forgetting to name some important information for my setup please let me know..

    3x3x6 tent
    2 marshydro sp150 led bars.
    Fox farms soil and nute trio
    3gal fabric pots
    Ph my water to 6.3
    2- 6" fans for circulation
    Room temps and humidity float between 68-78°F and 40-50% humidity.

    I vegged these 3 ladies from seed for 6 weeks before I started to flower. I'm now entering week 6 of flowering. I'm counting from the day I started the 12/12 cycle as well.
    20190817_143718.jpg 20190817_143734.jpg 20190817_143806.jpg 20190817_143355.jpg 20190817_143810.jpg 20190817_143418.jpg 20190817_143439.jpg 20190817_143600.jpg 20190817_143626.jpg 20190817_143650.jpg
    *The blue cookies seems to be creating the most bulky and dense bugs at the moment. *

    Thanks in advance for all the help.
  2. They look ok for 5 weeks of 12/12.
    Good looking healthy plants. Congratulations on a successful first grow.
    Welcome to GC. :)
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  3. Give them a chance to grow. One day, you'll look at them and say; "they've REALLY grown".
    Then, they fatten up...
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  4. Plant looks great congrats. Week 6-9 you’ll see em fill out. But those purple lights will have to go if ya want weight.
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  5. Hey thank you so very much! I did a fuck ton of reading before I started. The purple light is actually just a reflection in the tent from a black light I have in the hallway. I just had the door open to take those photos as I cant move that plant around very well so I try to leave it in place as much as I can. I'm running 2 mars hydro sp150 for my lights in my tent, which I've read is a good set up for a 3x3 but I'm sure there is better out there
  6. They look like they might take a week or so longer than you'd expect, but they look fine. That's a nice looking grow for first time! And what MickFoster said: Welcome to GC. :D

    Any time you see something that says 'Flowers in X weeks' just be aware that it's sort of a ballpark estimate. This is amplified by the fact that harvest time varies by microclimate or upsets/inconsistencies that can throw the plant off its growth, like a power outage or something like that. When first time growers harvest at the wrong time, it's almost always too early instead of too late! Use a jewelers loupe or scope to gauge your plants trichomes if you can, and remember that flowers gain a significant portion of their mass in the last few weeks before harvest! Patience is key That's my two cents worth anyway. ;)
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  7. Those lights ain’t bad. Epistar make good chips. At 30w per sqft ur doing good. Ur most likely going to go 2 plus weeks longer then breeders suggested time, if not longer.. even tho u flipped 12/12 6w ago think of it more like ur in week 4/5.
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  8. if ur able to water and drain them in tent I would get some sort of support net up. Once they fatten they will be hanging over. Sticks are good but imo they need to be put in super early so u don’t have to push them through the roots
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  9. Thanks man, from all the videos of other peoples grows I'd have to agree with you on the time frame. They have in the last week or so stopped sprouting hairs and the buds are starting to fill in a little.

    All three of the strains are suppose to be 9 weekers. I was planning to do my flush around the middle to end of week 7. Worried it might be a little soon though. Do you think giving them that extra week will be worth the wait?

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  10. Yes!! I’ve harvested early several times going by breeders times. I’ve started a flush at a set time “7” like u plan... ended up still be 4-5 weeks before it was rdy... good rule of thumb until u know what ur doing 100% is when u think it’s time to start flushing wait two weeks then start ur flush. U will have a very small % or white hairs and almost all of them will be curled in most the way to the bud when it’s time to start the flush
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  11. I've read almost exactly what you said a few times now, so I guess my only problem will be forcing myself to stay out of the grow tent for an extra week or 2 longer then I was thinking.

    I'll definitely add a note in my journal about my flush time. If the buds seem to have a lot of white hairs around the end of week 7 I'll give em another week or so before I flush em out.

    Thanks so much for the guidance.

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  12. Its good to keep track of the time but it’s just an illusion lol. Go by what the plant is telling you about being ready and not the time. I’ve read a lot of stories on here about ppls plants taking 80-100 plus days to finish.
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  13. I would encourage you too acquire a cheap digital camera, at THIS time, so as to easily examine the trichomes change color.
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  14. I have a 40x and 60x jewlers loop that's been gettin the job done, my next investment will be a microscope camera.

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  15. I have a loupe, I have magnifiers, but it was the microscope that worked * for me *.
    I do have tired eyes.
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  16. They look just fine man, you're just experiencing the 5 week itch. Around this time pistil production and height gain seriously slows and for the next couple of weeks there doesn't seem like much change. Pistils start to brown and you're all like wtf?
    But don't fear, week 7 you'll start to see the calyxes swell and week 8 they'll be packing right out. I've been growing many years and I still get anxious at week 5-6
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  17. Looks great friend! Keep up the good work!!

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  18. So many comments already but you got little buds because you are only half way through flower. Lol for real though it seems like you have done your homework so you will be alright. Nice job bro
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  19. That is so good to hear. It definitely is a 5 week itch!! But I also just wanted to make sure I'm on track for where I'm at. Like I said I'm no expert but I havent had any issues whatsoever thankfully. This being my very first grow, I'm pumped to see how I can refine my techniques and knowledge for future grows.

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  20. Yeah I realize I'm halfway through the flowering process, but you know how nerves can be.
    You wanna know that your babies you've been fawning over for a few months are gonna give you all you hoped for lol.

    But thank you so much, I'm feeling much more confident in myself and my work now that I have some more experienced eyes looking over my work.

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