First grow, without a green thumb. What's wrong? Promix BX

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  1. Hi all.

    As the title implies this is my first grow and I don't have a green thumb. I have 10 little plants coming along around week 2.5 now. My plants aren't looking that great, and I could use some advice.

    First off, I know a lot of people here are crazy about nutes, but I'm using the hydro store's home brand, which is an A+B type fert for veg. To simplify this discussion, and not get into religious wars, lets assume the brand of fert is not a factor.

    I've included a pic of one of the healthy plants, and some of the problem. One has burned looking tips to me, but I don't know. The other has yellowing colouring in general. I don't understand.

    Here's some point forms of what I have and know:

    - Promix BX. I understand it has no nutes based on the ingredients.
    - Growing in 1 quart/liter pots.
    - 4 inches high.
    - 10 plants divided into 3 types. White Widow, Pot of Gold, Juicy Kush.
    - Grown from a bag of seeds.
    - Nutes given after about a week after transplant. When first non-baby leaves were out.
    - Burned a bit at first, but then got a lot better for a while.
    - Did not water/feed for 5 days. Soil was still a little moist. I did just re-water/feed now though since I was worried, but these pics were taken just before.
    - Nutes at 50% of what the label states.
    - 72 degrees constantly.
    - Rubbermaid case, very small, with 3x23 watt CFLs. Low side I know, but would that cause this problem? I'm OK with slow growth for now.
    - Most of the damage is on the older growth.

    I hope they just needed a feeding. But I'm not sure. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Any ideas?


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  2. rhapsodyrcks (damn that's hard to type),

    Thanks for the info. You may be right about the nutes, but I'm trying to reduce variables, and look at the other factors first. The plants did look great for a while with those nutes.

    Looking at the provided pictures, I think I see some burn, and some nitrogen deficiency. I was hoping a more experienced eye could confirm that.

    p.s. 8 hours later, I think the plants are looking a little better. I'll post more pictures tonight. I think it was "time" to water/feed again, but I expected the promix to be lighter.

    I think the promix is confusing me to some extent. Lots of "mis" information around. The store, and lots of threads, have stated that because of the lime (I think) in the promix BX, you can use tapwater successfully with it. That's what I'm doing. Any experience with Promix BX?

    Also, I was waiting for it to get "shockingly light" as I've read -> to indicate that it's dry. I think I was 1-2 days away from that, but perhaps I need to learn better how light the pot should get before I re-water/feed.

    Thanks, Mal.
  3. Oh yeah - looking at the pics I provided, plant #JK2 (sticker on the pot) seems to be nitrogen deficiency according to the pics you sent me?

    I think it's the last picture I provided.
  4. Also,

    Based on those pictures I'm having a hard time telling from potassium deficiency and nutrient burn. Maybe I saw potassium deficiency instead of nute burn. That would make sense if I also saw nitrogen deficiency in JK2.

    Look at the first picture, on the large leaf tip, on the bottom left.
  5. Your being really block headed and stupid. You have no green thumb, have never grown, but think you can rule out the MOST common problem related with growing marijuana. Why are you asking for advice if you already know so much? Lets just assume you know absolutely nothing( which is the case).

  6. How is this constructive? Very helpful. Thanks. Great support.

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my original post. I'm trying to figure out what the symptoms are, and see if there's something wrong in my process. I can change the nutes, but if there's something wrong in my process, it's just one more variable muddying the waters.

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