First grow with t8 cfl tubes

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by psykes420, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Well sup city I'm doing my plants with t8cfl tubes for vegg then I will throw them in a flower room with a 1000 watt hps light .I'm doing 18 on 6 off n feed them grow big every other day. The farest plants are 3weeks old middle row are 2 1/2 weeks & first row are 1week old & seedlings are couple days old and are grand daddy purple strain all the rest are bag seeds. I will post up updates on rooms n plants so tell me what you guys think







    Just trying
  2. Feeding grow big every other day? That's more of an 'every other feeding' type thing, which with plants that size should prolly only be watering every 4-5 days, which would mean adding grow big every 8-10 days, or 'every other watering'. How long have you been feeding them that way? I'd recommend a good flush on all of them and then resume a recommended feeding/watering schedule. Typically there's enough nutes in the soil to last 3-4 weeks for a starting plant, so usually you don't want to add any nutes until the plants have been in the soil for that long anyways. Other than that, set up looks great!

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