first grow with pics any suggestions???

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  1. Hey gc this is my first time growing and I really would like you're input on how u think there doing.

    I have them on a 20 on 4 off light cycle using a 60 Watt 2700k cfl light. There in a Mylar grow tent that's 2 feet wide 4 feet long. And 5 feet tall. I started them from seeds. My biggest problem is that I think I cooked them a little bit. I recently got a 400 Watt mh hps light and didn't realize it got that hot in the tent. So I took it down and I think I need a cool tube along with a inline. Fan any advice is greatly. Appreciated

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  2. Cover the 'bottle pots' around with duct tape or something for light not to pass.. the roots don't like light. Try not to wet the leaves and just water the perimeter of the soil so the roots 'search for the water' and grow.
  3. and get 6500k cfls for vegitation.. use 2700k for flowering.
  4. OK thank u guys I really appreciate ur advice and ill definitely have to do that
  5. Wat size pots are recommended? I no they day 5 gallon but I don't no if I have the room for that. Are 3 gallon pots OK to use?
  6. use whatever. all depends on how big they are gonna get. small pots will bound your roots 3 gallon will be ok for a 3-4 ft plant i do believe. i use 5 gal pales
  7. ^^ I second that.

    I would definitely go above three gallons. I made the mistake of planting in a one gallon container and I saw all sorts of nutrient deficiency/toxicity problems because the plant was root-bound.
  8. Sure, you can use a 3gal. I run everything in 2gal pots.

  9. Thank u guys for helping me on my grow. So wats a good. Set of nutrients fornot allot of money. I do allot of shopping on eBay and there's some that are really expensive and some are really cheap and I really don't wanna order shit that will kill them
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    Hey honda, the plants look real good. Definitely get that inline fan because they are going to be needing the HPS light in about another 3 or 4 weeks. ;)

    Also, I wouldn't foliar feed like the other guy said. You can use whatever size pots fit your room. With 5' of vertical space, you will need 18 inches for the light, so you're looking at 3.5' max height. If you put like 3 plants in 3 gallon containers you could do a wicked SCROG. You definitely have more seedlings then you're going to need.

    Otherwise, everything looks cool man. Keep it up. :cool:
  11. Hey I feel kinda dumb asking. But wats a scrog
  12. Just a method of growing that maximizes light absorption.

  13. Its short for SCReen Of Green I think. Basically you place a screen about 8 inches or so above your plants. As the plant grows you weave the plant in and out of the screen and when you flower it, you end up with lots of buds that are short and compact. Very good method of growing with limited vertical grow space like yours. Use the search function and type SCROG.
  14. Does it really increase the yield by double in do u you have to do any thing with the plants and the screen or does it just stop them from growing tall

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