first grow with 125 W CFL HQ Pic..

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    hey guys..

    First time grower .. I have 12 plants here, they are vegging at 3'rd week and are now waiting for transplantning into some bigger pots.. I'll be moving in 2 weeks so I will than make a growroom for them.. with space for bigger post..

    Hope to get some response, positive as negative.. anyway, I'll like to add, i know they need more light.. that will come when i get the grow room.. enloy

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  2. whtais it your growing its looking healthy . good start . just line the inside of that bin with mylar so you dont wast light with what you got or paint the inside white I prefer mylar . good luck
  3. :hello:(Bring it to the top):smoking:
  4. Nice healthy looking plants man, I would suggest adding a few more watts though if you could, but other than that they look good :D
  5. *Thanks :)
    yea I'll properly add either a 250 or a 400 W hps as the next.. but now we'll see what i can affort .. those are pretty expensive..

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