First Grow! [White Widow & Mac Stomper x2]

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What’s your favorite vessel to cure in?

  1. Grove Bags

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  2. Mason Jars

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  3. Other

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  1. Documentation of my first grow… If I can make it through harvest and curing it’s a win in my book!

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  2. i started my white widow 22 days ago from seed yours look really dark green i would back off on the nitrogen and good luck old is this one?
  3. my white widow and yours will grow at the same time keep an eye on my posts as i will yours what breeder are yours?
  4. Yeah the soil I transplanted into was hot on the nitrogen. Had some clawing and edge curling. Seems like she’s starting to eat it up tho, believe it or not she has lightened up a bit!
  5. A little over 3 weeks old
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  6. How they doing beat?
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    They’re doin good! Been training them out and doing some de-fol here and there. Some of these fan leaves are just so big I gotta work to get light below the canopy… getting some lighter greens coming through, good to see the the plant using up the surplus nitrogen I have in my soil!
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  8. IMG_20230328_084116790.jpg IMG_20230328_084116790.jpg IMG_20230328_084214904.jpg
  9. Ours are the same age I plucked most of the big ones off
  10. Good stuff! She Thicc isn’t she?!
  11. Yeah don't be afraid to pluck the ones facing in they grow right back
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  12. She gettin bushy… trained the tops down some more today. Trying to maintain this level (where my Scrog is setup) until my 4x4 is ready and I can begin tucking.

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  14. mine recovered really quick IMG_20230401_082220256.jpg
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  15. Alas! We have made it to the 4x4 and we should be tuckin on the Scrog in no time!

    upload_2023-4-3_22-33-58.jpeg upload_2023-4-3_22-34-8.jpeg
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