First grow - White Widow Fem. - 12/12 from seed

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    Hey guys, thanks for taking a look at my grow. I will be updating this thread every few days, or every time something interesting happens.

    I got my seeds from nirvana a little over a week ago and germed one of them right away. The next morning (Saturday) I saw a little tap root sticking out. I stuck the seed in a 4 inch pot filled with miracle grow organic potting soil. (Don't bash me for miracle grow, it grew some mighty fine pepper plants for me so it is my soil of choice). On Monday (last week) I got a sprout and so this grow began.

    Right now the seedling is in a custom made box. I will get the dimensions when I get home. This box is only temporary as I plan on buying a speaker box and using that instead. I have ~150 actual watts of CFL lights in there, 48 of the watts coming from 6500k bulbs. I chose to do 12/12 from seed because I want to see how long it will take white widow to flower so I can do a perpetual SOG grow with a harvest every 2 weeks.

    I've always been intrigued by the beautiful whiteness of white widow which is why I chose this strain to grow. Once I get my own place I will try out different strains.

  2. Looking forward to your project. I too ordered from Nirvana, so it is good to see that you recieved your seeds safely. (Of course this may not apply to me as we could be in two different countries or something...
    I went with Foxfarm dirt as that was what a lot of other growers were using. But, I also went with thier nutes and overnuted my plant (bag weed seeds). I could never get it to recover, but it did give me a couple of ounces of smoke that was better than the original....probably because it had no seeds.
    So, even though I screwed up my first attempt, I think i learned enough to try again. I went with Mowie wowie and NYPD. I have smoked the mowie before, and it sure was sweet, but I have no idea about the nypd. Anyway, I am hoping your grow is fun and plentiful.
  3. Just realized pics aren't working! Ill snap some more and get them up tonight as that's when my girl wakes up.

    Sorry to hear about your mistake man. Although this is my first time growing mj, I've been growing peppers for a while so I feel having that experience will help me with my grow. I know because I started 12/12 I won't get as much of a yield as I could have if I vegged for a while but this is just a learning grow. I plan on leaving this baby to just grow straight up, don't want to stress her and have her hermie on me.
  4. Good luck on the grow man. Just wondering where you guys are from. Was thinking about ordering some seeds from there.
  5. I'm in the U.S., don't know about the other guy. My seeds arrived very discreetly. It was funny, my mom saw the package and ask if I ordered drugs. I told her no its just pepper seeds. LOL
  6. Kool would you like to share the state? If not it's cool .
  7. I live up in washington
  8. Haha funny shit bout the seeds , your like yeh mum there weed seeds n she is like yeh right rolling her eyes lol . Looks good so far how far away you keep your light looks a ill stretched of is that just me ? Peace out . Btw I'm from Aussie n got my seeds from attitude fine
  9. I'd say the lights are about 4 inches from the plant. There was some stretching at first because I ran out of items to put under my pot to raise it closer to the lights. But if you look at the side shot, you can see how tight those nodes are packed together. Looking at other grows, I should see a dramatic increase in size this week, and hopefully her beautiful pistils next week. I can't wait :D
  10. Looking at my girl now (I have officially named her Whitey. I got the name from my girlfriends favorite stuffed animal. Also suits the color real well) I am amazed at how fast these things grow! Even under a 12/12 lighting schedule this thing is exploding with growth. I will snap a couple pics tomorrow morning as that is when my girl is just starting to end her long day of growing.

    I can tell where a few side branches are going to form so I may actually LST, I'm not sure though. Let me know what you all think. My box has about 3 feet vertical grow room
  11. A good question. But it kind of depends on what your plan is for your plant, doesn't it? I read your first post was that you want a perpetual sog going, right? So you will need lots of clones and "Whitey" will be a mom. so I guess, and I stress I am no expert (yet) on growing, but I would think you would want as many side branches as possible. So I am not sure LST would do that for you but I am absolutely sure that the smart people who are part of the GC community will have your answer soon.
    On a side note, I too live in the states, in the middle of the country, and Nirvana says shipped! So, I am on pins and needles as I wait. (I wonder where that expression came from? It sure seems to fit!)
    You do realize, I hope, we need weed porn! So post some pics! ........Lol
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    I apologize for the lack of pictures guys. Its tough to get them up when I want to as I have a family computer so my pictures have to be updated at night. I will try to update some from my phone right now though.

    And actually Whitey is just a test subject to see how long flowering takes for this strain with my setup so I can do a perpetual SOG grow. Anyways, ill snap some pics and if I can get them working they will be in this post. Today marks day 10 by the way



    What's up with the curling? Is that a sign of heat stress? If so I may need to add another fan in there
  13. So I checked on the girl this morning and she showed me her lady parts and man were they smelly >:)

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