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  1. Hey guys, As the title suggests this is my first grow, other then a little bit of experimenting with bag seed as a teen outdoors lol.. I germinated 3 feminized white widow from crop king seeds and placed them under a 300W broad spectrum LED by viparspectra, i plan to add atleast another 600w of the same lighting once they get bigger. They all broke the soil within a day of being planted, however one germinated slightly slower. they seem to be doing quite well as far as i can tell, any and all advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. they are currently in organic soil, but will be transplanted into promix HP m, and i will be running emerald harvest grow micro bloom, with cal mag, and then king kola. ill attach a few pictures. Thanks ! oh they are about 6 days old. and i will be trying some LST as well as a few tops on them when ready

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  2. Hey how are you? Congratulations on your grow. I’m in same spot except outdoor. I Already have had some good feedback from people on here. I don’t have any advice as I’m new to this myself, but I will definitely watch to see how it goes. I used bag seed do hopefully 1 or 2 will be female . My 5th broke soil today. Good luck !
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  3. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this, but Crop King took my money, and never sent me seeds. I bought one from a local distributor, and out of 5, only 2 germinated. I was a bit annoyed, so I emailed them, and they gave me a hard time, but agreed to send me another pack. I also decided to buy some more off them at the same time to save on shipping...anyways they never came, and they never replied to me after that. Also, what kind of water are you using to water them? Are you using anything to check PPM and pH?
  4. Awesome thank you ! hope all is well with you. Nice, i will be sure to check out your thread! I originally wanted this to be an outdoor grow as well, as there is some really strong summer sun where I am at, I was just scared to have them start outside and get destroyed while tiny and vulnerable so figured a little indoor setup would be a good investment to use to veg at first, and then make use of the tent in the winter months. once they get bigger i will most certainly be giving them some nice periods of sunlight, is this recommended to transfer between indoors and outdoors ?i know they will need to go through a hardening off process. thoughts ?
  5. hey KingsChron, thanks for the reply I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with them., that is extremely shady business practice.. all the reviews i saw were positive, at least on their site haha, and on the white widow genetics in particular, 3/3 have popped for me so far.. i really do not know what to think about them after hearing about them screwing you around.. as for the ph, i purchased some liquid tester and ph up and down, my water was at like an 8... lol, and so was the spring water i was using at first.. perhaps that has stunted their growth.. i have since corrected the ph of the water to an acceptable range in a 4 litre jug, and added a very weak solution of my emerald harvest and have watered once with that since.
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    as for ppm no, i probably should be eh ? @KingsChron
  7. No need to apologize! Just giving you a heads up, and wanted to see your experience is all! Liquid tester, that’s cool, how does it work? I mean, I’m a rookie like yourself, but ive used RO water, tap water, and bottled water- all not testing pH (this is just for germinating). I would put the seeds in a shot glass of water, in 24 hrs I would see they have dropped and allow them to sit another 24 hours. After that I would soak a paper towel with that water, squeeze it until it’s damp, then place the seeds in and put them in a dark, warm place (above my microwave). Within another 24 hours I had pretty decent sized tap roots, perhaps with the ungerminated ones you could could try that?
    pH is a good place to start, but after reading some of the more experienced growers, I think ppm meters are a good idea. Depending on where you are amazon? I just got this one:
  8. And into the dark closet for a coupe of days;
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  9. Post pics when those bad girls germinate!
  10. uh... a little late for that;
    all done.
    The current crop is sitting outside.
    Well... exact same germination method, so;
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  11. They’re beautiful! Well done
  12. Thank you.
  13. hey @KingsChron for the liquid tester its by general hydroponics, and you just add 3-5 drops to a sample and based on the color it shows your ph range. it also came with ph up and ph down, to regulate. I had to lower the pH of my water using some ph down, which worked flawlessly may i add. and yes i will add a PPM monitor , theyre nice and cheap on amazon like you said. i used the shot glass method for 18 hours, then put them in paper towel, two just sprouted faster is all! theyre all thriving now !
  14. question about humidity! where i live it is very dry,, i cant get the humidity in my tent above 35, is this too low for my seedlings ? should i construct a small greenhouse for inside my tent to raise their humidity levels ?
  15. Not that I am an expert, in any way, but when it comes to seedlings *I* believe that they should be constantly humid, if possible.Now, seeds DO just pop outdoors, so careful humidity control isn't NECESSARY... but all the seedling that I 'mist' look very happy.
    Would you consider a simple 'dome' over the seedlings until they satisfy you?
    That is very much the same as misting.
  16. hey @tooslow thanks the replies dude, i did a bit of digging and was able to come up with this persons quote... "Humidity really only causes problems on the high end. Besides that it'll only affect the rate of transpiration and, thus, frequency of watering. In order for CO2 to enter through the stomata it has to be first mixed with water at the plant surface and turned to carbonic acid. If the humidity around the plant is too low to complete this process the plant pulls additional water from the root system.

    Conclusion: low humidity = water a bit more frequently to make up for increased transpiration."

    So thats good to know! but i believe i will begin misting them like you are to help them along a bit!
  17. perhaps ill craft a few domes haha, lookin good dude lol, what is that plant anyways ?
  18. ehy where would the best place be to post a lighting question ???

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