first grow, White Widow and Purple Haze

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    :) YAY!! They sprouted up. This is my first grow i sure hope everything works out good. I got a seedsman fem. White Widow and a positronic Purple Haze. Thing look good so far.

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  2. :hello: Growing is a great adventure!
  3. let the games begin!!:wave::gc_rocks:
  4. still got to get a pic of the WW first one took wont load.

  5. Indeed, cause I want to grow some WW too I'm very interested in all things WW :smoke:

  6. if you want the best WW available, go to Mr. Nice seed's...owned by the original breeder of the OG WW...neville's WW to be exact...Green House seed's has a F1 offspring of it that is really close to the old real deal WW...that's because arjan, owner of GHSC bought a ton of Mr. nice seed's after neville sold him the company and started Mr. Nice seed's...
    just a little history on the original WW;)
    so if you can't get it from Mr. Nice, get it from GHSC...the closest thing you can get to the original WW p1 genetic's ...
    also if you go to GHSC or Attitude bank...where will notice alot of neville strain's in GHSC selection's to

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