FIRST GROW!!! White Russian x 4 , soil grow, from seeds

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  1. Hi,

    This is my first grow, i will be posting pictures up very shortly.
    Please help out as much as possible but i would be happy with 2 x plants with 1.5 oz on them
    Here is the stuff i have.

    Obviously on as low a budget as possible here.


    Growing in a 4x4 tiled unused shower with Visqueen Black White on side walls and back walls
    1 x 400W hps veg/flowering
    Soil - 4pt top soil/1pt moss peat/1pt vermiculite & 1pt perlit
    1 x thermometer mid height
    1 x Ona gel for odour control(Anybody used this before?)
    4 x pots, using big pots from start to finish
    1 x shite ph tester(stick it in the soil like a stick leave it there and it reads it)

    Think thats all we got at the moment.
    I need some nutrients but have had so many suggestions.
    I would like to keep it simple and get maybe a 3 part set? if someone could suggest an exact set of 3 that would be great Thanks.
  2. Day1/2

    So anyways, 2 days ago when i got my seeds i put them in a tuppawear box either side of 3 layers of damp tissue.

    After 48 hours they are done and have been planted 3/4 inch into the soil and re covered over the top.

    I put plastic bags over them about an hour ago and am now just waiting for them to sprout.

    My current ph meter reading is 7.

    I am going to check them tomorow morning(12 hours) see how they gettin on!!!!

    Anybody got any suggestions? or what i should expect to see next?

    I dont plan on putting the 400W on them for 3 days or so(going 18Hours 6Hours), and when i do initially it will be from about 6 feet above as i do not want it to damage my babys.

    Hopefully they will be females but it will be another few weeks before we see that :X

    Sorry for the no pics yet, try help anyways. need to get this camera working :/
    fuck it ima use my camera phone in the mean time as we need advise, uploading now .......
  3. no need to have it 6 feet above lol, i'm just after starting off a batch of seedlings, started at around 2 feet away, brought down by 100mm already, will be bringing it down more again tomoro, you want the light as close as possible without causing damage, this'll allow you to make the most of your height, so that plants dont stretch trying to reach the light and then your lower buds are goosed.
  4. Cheers for the post back mate, do me a favour and keep an eye on this.
    ME and my mate are doing it, were welcoming all suggestions.

    Cant get the pics up till tomorow at best :/

    im scared that a 400w in a confined space will burn my plants 2 ft away

    i get what ur saying about the stretches, now that makes sense to me.
    what are the reprucussions of stretching if it happens?

    Also do you know anything about spidermites being a potential hazard?
    I live in the uk and its not very hot here, so im not going to monitor the humidity unless something goes wrong.

    Well thats the plan anyway
  5. I'm running a 400w light in a 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent, have a 110mm extraction fan in their, and a desk fan fanning the tops of the plants, but to be honest i dont think anything too much further than 2 foot would be required if there was the most minimal ventilation, the heat at that distance is really minimal, what would be more likely is that it would dry out the your seedlings as the humidity too low. They need a high humidity range (70-100% if possible)

    A hygrometer costs relatively little, i would deffinately recommend, my climate is the same as your (i'm in ireland), and i wouldnt be without 1, especially handy in flowering aswell to help you prevent bud rot.

    Spidermites, never had them myself, i know there a pest though not the exact extent of their damage, i try to keep as clean a grow room as possible, havent had any probs with anything so far. I know that they can be gotten rid of relatively easy though, theres a natural predator which will eat them, not cause harm to your plants and when their gone, die off themselves, or else you can use various chemicals and concoctions.

    Stretching, hmm reprocussions, well, if youve height restrcitions, it'd cause the plants to become too tall and out of control, stems dont become as thick so it mightnt be able to hold its own weight, if the top stretches and you must raise the light, side buds will be too far away and wont produce much, and become "popcorn" buds, not very good weed.

    Think that answers your questions, will keep an eye on her m8, cant really offer much advice without seeing plants, youll get more feedback with pics, but u said they'd be up tomoro :). Keep reading up though and youll be grand, theres loads of people here to help.
  6. Right so a hygrometer would show me the humidity in there, and then i would have to find a way to alter it right? so i could use a bucket or a bottle full of water or something from what i read.

    Cheers for the tips, wherre do you get your nutrients?
  7. Happy days will post them up
  8. i got my nutes from a local grow shop, i'm thinking bout ordering from ebay or growell ( next time though
  9. Day 3/4


    Checked them this morning 18hours after plantation, nothing yet but what from what i hear read thats to be expected. I finally got a couple of pics. posting up now.

    This is my first time posting pics so hope they display properly.

    let me know what you think.

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  10. sorry lads these pics are fuckin shockin my mate took them ill get better ones 2moro!!!
  11. do those bags really help???
  12. the bags will pretty much act as a propagater, I use saran wrap but either way work's, just to keep the moisture in the pot whilst the seed works its way up to break the surface.

    should probably keep them in a darker place though, or I do at first.

    good luck wi the grow mate ;)
  13. it is pretty dark in there, its a dis-used shower so when the door is closed its dark just needed it open for the photo!! think im goina get a small heater for the room cas its only about 10C in there so think thats a bit cool!!!
  14. Day 5/6

    Right boys big news, about 3 or 4 inches of big fucking news as you can see from the pics attatched.

    I came back this morning, hadnt seen them for 30 hours and theye shot out of the soil. i took a pic of one here. it looks great and it looks like its about to sprout leaves.

    Im going to start the light cycle 18/6 in a couple of hours, anyone any ideas? or an exact height to keep the 400w hps(i am using hps, sorry not using cfls etc for cash reasons).

    I have the light exactly 2 feet over the big pots as thats what has been suggested in this thread.

    any advice on the light cycles? or any advice at all?
    Currently temp in room is between 10 degrees C and 20 degrees C throughout the day & night.

    Currently not monitoring PH or Humidity, definetly will be monitoring ph very shortly and plan to monitor humidity if we see any slight signs of problem, it doesnt get very humid here where i am in england.

    Pics below, also im going to post a load more in shortly.
    Got a camera sorted for the moment.


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  15. Cheers for the advice mate, will keep that onboard for the next one.
    Into the light cycles now cant wait.
  16. More pics of the lads.

    Ok really important question here, someone really try understand my retarded explanation.

    Next week i will feed them for the first time, i have the nutrient for it already.
    What i plan to do is test the soil in the pots and see what the ph is, they will hae been 2 weeks without water, so i presume its going to be something like a ph of 2. because when i put them in the ph was 7.

    so if the ph is 2 at the time when i feed them, i should then make a nutrient solution of 4.5ph????????//// add it to the pots to make them 6.5 which is the ideal ph level i am told.

    Have i got the right idea guys????????

    last pic below shows a good one of the grow room.

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  17. Hi,

    Can someone tell me when i should have to put Nutrients in these ? would it be too early now? the light has only been on 2 days.

  18. Don't put nutes in now. They have everything they need for a while. I've heard "when she starts to have alternating nodes" but I am not certain what that means either.
  19. Thanks V much mate. anyone else help?

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