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  1. Hi All,

    I've been a long time lurker and after tons of time spent looking, I decided to finally get something going.
    I'm actually about 3 - 4 weeks into flowering at the moment, but I am going to try my best to reiterate the steps in my process. I'm going to refer to the plant as "her" because my girlfriend says I treat her like my mistress. I kind of do.

    First, equipment list:
    Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent 4' x 4' x 7'
    Ipower 600w MH/HPS setup - Digital, Dimmable
    Various timers, currently switching lights on and off by hand.
    Infinity 425 CFM exhaust fan with fan controller
    10 gal Sterilite container that I converted into a DWC system.

    Strain: White Rhino feminized seeds from Nirvana seeds.

    Nutrients: General Hydro Trio

    So lets get to it.
    I planted her in a rapid rooter block directly in the DWC system on about Feb 6. My growing medium is clay pebbles to hold everything in place. I had a couple drip lines hooked up to an adjustable drip manifold that I ran into the net pot. Just one aquarium air stone at this point. I put one line in from the beginning and then put both of them into the net pot after about a week. Light schedule throughout all of veg and sprouting is 18-6
    She sprouted on the 9th. At that point, I started giving her very light nutrients. 1.25ml per gallon. I only fill the system up with about 5 gallons at a time. I also change the reservoir every week.
    At that point, she grew like a weed. I was at 6 going on 7 nodes on Feb 24.
    I was really interested in manifolding/mainlining her from the beginning, and I had done mad research on it at this point, so I feel like I'm ready. I defoliate a bit and all goes well until the actual topping of the plant.
    So funny story: I have my Fiskars, game face on, I go to make the cut, 2yr old pulls the plug and cuts off my grow light. Rofl. So I cut one of the growth tips. Super sad face :(
    But not the end of the word. I was committed, and she would have to literally die on me for me to quit, so I press on.
    Then on the 26th I start to notice some serious issues. Leaves are turning yellow and almost brown and roots are turning brown and fast, so at this point extra bummed. I also notice that my Florabloom is this clear yellow. So it makes me think then its obviously a nutrient problem, and I also have heard that high temps under HIDs can cause root issues.
    So the hell with that, amazon prime to the rescue. Fresh Florabloom, hydroguard, and CaliMagic delivered on the 28th. I change the reservoir again, PH to 5.5 and add the hydroguard and calimagic to the mix.
    My tap water is around 75-85 ppm, so after adding nutrients it ends being around 880-895ppm. I had a small 7" desk fan in there, but I added a 2' tall tower fan to one corner of the room to reduce temps and get some more circulation.
    So soon after, she recovers like a freaking boss!
    The rest of the next week or two is a bit of the same. Change reservoir, observe, study, wait. The nutrient schedule I followed was from Have followed almost exactly since day one. SN: I do a lot of reading there.
    I was a bit timid to try to train her anymore since I almost killed her, but I got over it, Started doing some minor LST with the main stem and a couple of branches along the side. She adapted really well and I had a lot of side branching benefit from it.
    Then Around Mar 10 - 15, I started 12-12. She was about a foot and a half at the time, I believe. I suck at keeping track of things lol. Larger fan leaves are about 7" long at this point.
    Flowering stretch was exciting. She got super bushy and she is about 2 and a half feet now. Maybe closer to 3'. She's really leafy at this point, so I don't bother trying to measure her.
    So at this moment, she is about 4 weeks into flowering. I am 97% sure I'm going to defoliate to some extent this evening to expose mid and lower bud sites to more light and air since it is getting really crowded in there. I can barely get in the tent now. Going to be super conservative since I am into flowering at this point.
    I will update as best as I can as things progress. Also have tons of pictures coming.

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