First grow, which seeds!

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  1. Which do you think? :wave:

    White Widow
    Sensi Kush
    Skunk #1

    Skunk #1 is the only feminized version I have, I plan on getting 3-5 matura plants in a 100x100x180cm space.

    Btw, couldnt figure out how to make a poll

    Edit: Found out :D
  2. Grow one of your indicas first. Don't grow Blueberry or White Widow first. They're easier to fuck up. Skunk, maybe?
  3. I will definately be doing Skunk as they are the only "sure thing" I have ;)

    Would very much love to have 2 or 3 different strains at the same time for fun and variation though :)

    I know its easy to fuck up the first time, but I feel im in pretty good shape information wise, so dont think that will hold me back :rolleyes:
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    I've read that White Widow and Northern Lights are two strains that are good for beginners. I am in the middle of my first grow and one of my strains is a White Widow x Afghan Kush.
  5. Thanks for the response :) Please feel free to chime in (vote!) with your preferences. I will be doing a grow log :)
  6. I want some blueberry yum yum

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