First grow when to flush/chop?

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  1. This is my first grow and I am new to this forum so take it easy on me lol. I have a couple of girls outside (1 Nordle and 1 Blueberry) My question is how much longer till harvest, I am on day 50 of flower which I counted from the first white pistels on the main colas. I have them in 15 gallons of cheap organic bag soil but have given them 4 feedings of general organics bio thrive bloom just as a boost. So I have a couple of questions, do I need to flush the little nutes I have given them and if so how do I know when to. I have a loop for my phone but it's hard to focus on bud trichomes but the sugars seem around 70 percent cloudy. I would like to harvest with mostly amber as I only vape at night and like the couch. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks. 20180916_084216.jpg 20180913_192511.jpg 20180915_190943.jpg
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  2. nice Job! do u have a scope or jewelry loop? I flush when most of the pistols are turned red and most Ts are cloudy
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  3. Get some molasses and start feeding it with regular water and you’ll have it probably flushed in a week or so without any major major flush needed.
  4. First off... amazing plant for a first grow. You need to get Loupe as suggested but I’d yku have an idea of flowering time you can then judge when to flush. Flushing is all personal preference. Some people say it’s a must do and some keep adding nutrients till harvest. I have done both and honestly can’t tell you difference.
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  5. Thanks! I do have a scope that attatches to my phone but it is hard to tell with that. I still have a lot of white pistels so maybe I'll give her a couple more feeds then flush when I see the pistels turn.
  6. What does the molasses do?
  7. Thanks! I have a loupe that goes on my pbone but its tough to get a good image, I will post the best ones I have and tell me what you think. The strain is 7-9 weeks flower and I'm on the first day of week 8 so anytime according to that, provided I started counting on the correct day which was when I saw the first pistels.
  8. These are the best pics i can get 20180916_115203.jpg 20180916_115227.jpg 20180916_115230.jpg
  9. You’ve got a little while yet I see no amber at all except a couple in the final pic. Probably 2 weeks ish. Excellent job so far now patience is key.

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  10. Thanks! I feel like I'm growing blindly not really knowing how long the trichs take from changing from clear to cloudy to amber
  11. I’d say 2 weeks
  12. They look pretty clear
  13. So can I feed for another week?
  14. Will they put on a lot more weight the last 2 weeks?
  15. Also had a problem with PM the last couple weeks and sprayed it with potassium bicarbonate. Has anyone used this stuff? If so does it effect the buds at all?
  16. Molasses feeds the microbes in the soil and provides some P during the flush..helps to fatten the colas up.
    Be careful,as it can impart a taste if you use too much or too often..I began using Liquid Bone meal during the flush (Nectar of the Gods Herc. Harvest)..Leaches away salts and really seems appreciated by the plants.
    Mine are about to be flushed (soon) s we type:)

    9-14-18.JPG 9-14-18 2 (2).JPG
  17. Some people feed right up to the end. Some people no feeding at all during the last 2 weeks. Personal preference really.

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  18. They should fatten up a fair amount in the last couple of weeks.

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  19. Damn those are some monsters! I'm already looking forward to next year when it's truly legal here in canuck land and I don't have to keep em low profile.
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  20. @Buzzer777 what size pots are you in and what medium and nutes have you used?

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