First grow, what you think?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 1937_sucks, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. its about 2 weeks into flowering.

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  2. Nice. Lookin' good!

    What type of soil did you use?
  3. i used Organic Miracle grow potting mix
  4. Ahh Ic. Well they are lookin' good dude.

    Keep up the goodwork!

    What kind of strain?
  5. Love the photos you posted.
  6. What strain? Was it a clone? Start from seed? MORE PICS PLEASE!!:hello:
  7. Some more pics

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  8. looking good man
  9. no nutes except for the ones in the soil or what ?
  10. thats awsome!!....i just started my first grow and im using the same miracle grow organic soil which i wasnt sure about but now i'm impressed. what seeds did u grow from???
  11. looking good, are you just growing in that soil with natural sunlight?
  12. Great looking plants dude. Did you start flowering them when they were pretty young? Those seem shorter than most. I'd like to know because I don't have much space, and I'm wondering if starting the 12/12 cycle when the plants are like 12" will keep them around 2 feet when they're done and ready for harvest

  13. Im not sure what kind, i got it from a friend who didnt know either.

    I wish, na its in a little cabinet under a couple cfls

    i veged for about a month, but it wasnt very good lighting, so it was only like 8 or 9 inches tall when i switched light cycles.
  14. about 5 weeks into flowering. turned out to be a hermi, but not all the buds got pollenated (i dont think) so its cool.

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  15. Nice,how many watts were you using?
  16. Looks DEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!!! :hello:

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