First Grow Week 4 autoflower How do they look???

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  1. This is my very first indoor grow. Just wondering what y'all think of them. They are ak autoflowers with 1 northernlights auto Im growing in a closet with 2 85w 300watt equivalent 6500k cfls and 12 13w 60watt equivelant 2700k cfls. These babies started flowering at week 3. I was also wondering if anyone can tell me what to exspect these will yeild, If I could get an 1/2 ounce per plant i would be happy!!

  2. any replies or suggestions will be appreciated
  3. is there any fan/ exhuast fresh air. We cant tell how much you would yeild until it almost harvest. Even so its gona be an estimate only. What is temp, humidity, what nute ?
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    I have one big box fan above them with a hole cut i the bottom and top of door. There is good pull from bottom and air out the top. temp is at 78-82 when lights are on and 70 n-75 at night. humidity is kinda low I think. It stays in between 25-35 % only fed twice with nutes a quater dose of tomatoe food lol 16-19-29. My Tiger Bloom should be in tomarrow or wednesday will feed with that as soon as i get it. cant have window open for fresh air cause its currently -30 here in Wisco. Light schedule is 18/6.
    here is another ak. looks a little droppy cause it was sleepin. turned lights on to take pics. they perk up when lights turn on in morning.
  5. I was also wondering if i should feed tiger bloom all they way to harvest, or should i get something else for the final weeks??
  6. they look like u havent been feeding them. kinda small for 300+ watts if u upgrade to a 250w hps u will notice a big difference and add plant food the whole way. plant food is plant food contains nitrogen phosphorous and potassium but not all plant food is for edible plants so good choice on the tomatoe food. u should feed them that until the tiger bloom arrives maybe even after. ive never used fox farms nutes so i dont know much about them but i know they come in a trio but not sure how to use them or what ratios of each to apply but i think u need more than just tiger bloom
  7. u could try building some pop can reflectors to increase that amount of light the plants recieve (50% of the light shines on the walls roof etc)
  8. Thanks a bunch bongboi. I just fed again. I didn't want to over feed i read somewhere not to feed autos till week 3 or 4 .
  9. When you feed it fox farm nutes, only use a quarter amount to begin with. I never use the amount directions state. Less is more in this case. If you are turning your light off at night, change that to off during hottest part of day.

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