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  1. this is a picture of my first grow... I'm getting a fan soon and adding 4 cool white cfls for vegging... for flowierng im gonna use 2 4 foot soft white tubes and 2 4 foot cool white tubes and 2 soft white cfls and 2 cool white cfls hoping to get 2 or 3 females.. the leafs look a little droopy?

    also how much of a yield do u think i will get from a plant if i tye it down and flower it at 1 ft

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  2. Just wanted to say good luck! Hope you have a big harvest.
  3. your not adding ferts are you?

    May be droopy cuz:

    Too hot - Should be around 75 degrees during the day, cooler at night.

    Too humid - About 75 percent is optimal

    Ferts way too early - No ferts for about two weeks after seed breaks soil.

    Soil too damp - With seedlings especaly you want too let the soil get pretty dry, only water every two too three days.
  4. First things first, Your soil looks woody. Wood holds moisture and is constantly breaking down which will create mold VERY BAD! when you transplant make sure you have a more sandy or perlit base so that you have good drainage. It WAY easier to over water then under. Next, I am not a "tube light" fan, but its been done before. I would hate to have to spend the amount of time that it takes to grow under such poor lighting and end up with the small yeilds that it produces. Flowering in nature is brought on by the coming of fall. The sun starts setting lower and lower creating more yellow/red color spectrum light and this is what you want to replicate. If you have the option, buy a light fixture that uses HPS (high pressure sodium) such as the orangey looking lights you see out side of buildings and houses. For one plant use 150 w or more. You can do the math. Keep it up you will learn! and READ as much as you can!
  5. Do you have holes in your cups? If not put some. Droopy can also be caused by over watering which is easy to do in a little cup with no drainage. I imagine that those baby plants will be root bound in that tiny cup in no time. Also, does your soil have time release fertilizer? It looks like in one of the pictures that it does (those little yellow balls). If so, carefully replant as soon as possible. Time release fertilizer is very bad. If not disregard. Good luck.
  6. its not to hot or to humid and there no time release fertilizer in it and theres holes in the bottum of the cup.. idk if there droopy or not they look a little i havnt been feeding it or anything just soil. a little cup with holes in the bottum water and a good amount of light its not to hot either.. its about 75 in the grow room at all times its on 24/7

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