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    Hey, everyone. As the title says, this is my first grow. I did a quick job constructing my grow box... it's not quite complete yet, but it's good enough to get started. The grow box is in my attic, and the ambient temperatures are around 40F. I don't yet have a temp or humidity gauge, but inside the box isn't a whole lot warmer. I'm trying to keep the temp and humidity up by not running the exhaust fan.

    I'm running a 150W HPS for this grow. I'd like to upgrade for my next grow and move this one to the mother chamber. I've had the seedlings about 3 feet from the lamp for the last three days, but I'm not impressed with their growth. I think it's cool enough in there to move them closer, so they're now about 17 inches away.

    I'm using Miracle Gro potting soil for now. I went ahead and transplanted these seedlings a little early because I'm only able to check on them every couple of days and I need the extra soil to retain moisture. They germinated within 48 hours and broke through the soil three days after they were planted. I was out of town when they emerged, so they went a couple of days without light once they broke through (poor planning on my part, should of had a light on them as soon as I covered them with soil). This made them a little spindly, so I built the soil up around the stems when I transplanted them similar to how tomatoes are done. They seem to be responding well.

    Here's my box:



    This is my Road Runner Autoflower (Sharlene):

    This is my first Skunk #1 (Lucy):

    This is my second Skunk #1 (Irene):

    Something happened to Irene's stem that pinched it and bent it over. I figured she'd be dead by now, but her leaves look better than the other two. I guess we'll see.
  2. mine barely broke the soil today, but the shell is still on the sprout.
  3. doesnt look too good:(
    i had this problem
    but i figured out what was going on pretty quickly
    for me atleast, this was the result of temperature being to high
    and or light beong to close and causing the excessive heat
    i could be wrong wait till Fortys or somebody with a little more exp checks out your sprouts
    good luck
  4. It's still early. I'm fairly certain my problems are due to inadequate light during the first week. They perked up nicely once I got them closer to the HPS. I'll know for sure how things are going this weekend.
  5. Things looked a bit better today. I lost the sickly looking skunk #1, but the other two have definitely perked up. I started up the fan and moved them up to about 10" from the lamp. I'll get some progress pics up later this weekend.

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