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  1. Hey everyone, first post on here and this is also my first grow, but b4 I get into that lemme talk about my setup

    I used Miracle Grow moisture control soil for the seedlings, and Fox Farm Organic Soil when I transplated the first 4 plants

    They are grown from bagseed. but I AM taking suggestions on what seeds to buy for my 2nd grow :hello:

    My frist 2 plants are roughly 2 months old (dont have an exact date) and all the rest (theres 9 total now) are 3 weeks old now

    I have been topping the 5th leaf set

    I got the Alaskan Fish Fertilizer, also have miracle grow all purpose and tomato food ferts too.

    I'm using 10 23watt cfls, and 2 40watt 4footers

    I've been watering about once a day on the seedlings and once ever 3 days on the transplants


    Ok sorry about all the info. I was originally posting this to ask a few questions, but I re-read everything again and think I got the answers I needed

    I *thought* I was having a nitrogen problem, so I gave them a VERY light dose (1/2 water and half water w/ nutes about 1/4 strength) of the all purpose plant food (24-8-16) One of them (pictured) died overnight, so I flushed the soil and have given them water since, that was 3 nights ago.

    so after reading more, I am thinking that I gave them too much Nitrogen, what do you all think? Oh and one more thing, I had a lamp malfunction and burned a couple of them, but I caught it pretty fast

    Thanks for reading, sorry its so long, and any advice is welcome

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  2. Looks like there doing good. You will want to transplant them into bigger pots in the next couple weeks and you may be watering them too often. You could probably go close too a week between waterings. Be careful with the fish fertilizer. Its pretty hot.
  3. nutes seem to be what I'm having the most questions about, if I'm only gonna water once a week should I give them a full shot of nutes with it? and any tips on the seedlings twisting/turning yellow? the veins are green, and most of them are alittle droopy.

    I was thinking, since I transplanted them, they should be set on nutes b/c of the new soil so I'd just go straight water for the next month, unless they tell me they want some :)
  4. hey dude the 'drooping' looks to be from over watering once a day is to much id say, dont set ur watering to a set table, do it as & when they need it, let the soil dry out on the top 1 or 2 inches between waterings, as for the other problems whats ur soil PH? & the PH of the water ur feeding after you've mixed in the nutes?

    i would back off the nutes for now & let them dry out somewhat they may not need more nutes in the soil they may just have a nute lockout, feeding once a week with nutes should be enough
  5. I will watch how much I'm watering them, but I do try to base how much water i give them on their weight and how dry the top inch is, as far as the PH goes, my tester says its a little over 7, but I am not using a digital ph tester, and have never been sure if the results were right
    Where would I go to get a digital PH tester? I didnt see any at Home Depot/Lowes/Walmart, and how much should I expect to spend on one :)
  6. Just an update, I spent about 4 hrs driving around town trying to find a digital ph tester and never did, checked all the pet shops, pool supplies, lowes, homedepots and walmarts in my town and nobody had one, so I picked up the ph strips til I order a digital online. It looks like my water is around 8.2 (give or take .4) and the two plants I tested were around 7.2-7.6. of course its the strip so I dont really trust it, but that is about where the other soil ph tester was placing them at.
    I did buy Ph up/down incase the ph was way off, should I try to lower the ph of my water?

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