First Grow, W/ PICS.

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  1. So upon my arrival from amsterdam I decided to setup a grow room with the seeds purchased there ( Silver Haze, Afghani, K2, and New York Diesel ).

    So far these 6 plants have been grown without added nutrients and they are 55 days old from seed... I dont plan on cloning or anything with this batch so they should be put into flowering soon?!!?

    I'm going to take pictures of the lights later tonight. I don't even know what kind of lighting i'm using, I know the brand names are Hydro Farm, and one has a built in ballast and one doesn't, but other then that no model numbers nothing :S, I received these lights from somebody who stole them from a greenhouse, and they look very professional.

    Anyways the 2 on the left are the oldest they are Silver Haze, the other 2 big ones are Afghani, and are actually a month younger then the silver haze and same size :eek:. And the smaller ones are the NYDiesel.... O and the big in the far back right is K2

    I'm going to start taking this grow seriously, checking ph, adding nutes n stuff so we'll see how it goes, i'm just happy they've made it this far with no TLC. :)


    I took other pictures but they turned out shitty from the lighting... I'm going to take some more later tonight, i'm also going to take pictures of the lights, becasue maybe some1 on here could identify what type they are -_-

    This is just the closet of my grow room, I have the entire room which can be used...

    So this isn't reaching it's max potential yet, I eventually plan on running a few mothers out of this closet in the picture, while the rest of the plants in the large bedroom.
  2. dont use tin-foil. Tin-Foil reflects HEAT!

    get the white reflectives stuff from a grow shop.

    It will reflect Light and not HEAT.
  3. Hey thanks for the reply!! I'm going to get some mylar when I go into town tomorrow to cover the closet, it was already white, but I heard mylar was best?!?

    I found out what kind of lighting i'm using

    It's Hydro Farm 400 watt Metal Halide with a 120v ballast??? Makes sense i think

    anyways, I'm trying to update the grow closet and add anything that could be helpful

    $ isn't as much of an issue here, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Get a 1000w HPS for flowering.
    Best investment in the long run.
    Also what soil mixture are you using? You might want to check out some fox farm and get some good nutes for flowering.
  5. Will the plants not flower under the Metal Halide light?!?!?

    I believe I have a hps light 400 watt with a built in ballast if that makes sense???

    I'm not a genius about this stuff by any means, but i've aquired all the equipment to do this sooooo....

    i appreciate the help ;)

    I'm trying to get another light or 2 as well

    and obv i didnt pay retail value for the 2 lights that I have, more street value.

    What would an hps light run me?!?!
  6. Yes I have a 600w hps w/ a built in ballast.
    you could flower under a 400w but that's a little less than 100w per plant.
    You can flower under the Metal Halide but I think HPS is a better way to go when flowering. I too paid street cost, no grow shop involved.
  7. whats the average temp?
  8. The temperature is high 80's when the lights are on, i have reallly really good venhilation since ive got the entire room to work with...

    I did have the 400 wat and the 600 wat hooked up at the same time, but it got too hot and the plants were suffering, they are doing really well under just the 400 watt

    what yield could i expect from these plants??

    I'm going to start nuting them carefully now, and we'll get both lights on them when they start flowering in 2 weeks.

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