First grow w/pics lookin for opinions

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  1. This is my first grow I'm using a 3x2x5 grow tent with 600w hps in cool tube with ballast four inch duct fan for cool tube out take (inline fan with scrubber on its way from amazon) with three fans cuz this mofo is hot as hell, its in a three gallon hempy bucket 75%, 25% rinsed perlite and black gold coco mix with air stones on the bottom. Feeding: GH pH kit, Lucas GH Flora formula with calmag and molasses every other day roughly 5.8,6.0 pH (since I'm not using a electronic meter)

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  2. Nice first grow...i dont see too much of a problem other than youll have too much pot to smoke hahaha
  3. I'm on week four of flower so I'm assuming she's starting alil alil late any feedback helps trying to learn as much as I can from the experienced
  4. Ha thanks man defiantly nice hearing that, do u think the spacing between the nodes is ok enough to produce solid colas
  5. I dont remember reading what day you were on but they look tight
    Oh duh.....week 4.....ok ya they are just fine nodes
  6. More 0-10-10 when you flip....less nitrogen
  7. So ten parts micro and bloom?
  8. No not 10 parts....i dont know your nutes just talking about using more P and K and less N.....not tons more just little more at a time
  9. I'm assuming the N stands for nitrogen but other then that idk what u meen ima fresh to the grow seen so I'm not up on the terms and phrases my bad man gotta start somewhere though

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