First grow w/pic. Need some help.

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  1. I just started my first grow about 5 days ago and i wanted to post a pic and see if someone with more experience can tell me how its doing so far and maybe a few things im doing wrong or need to change. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thnks.

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  2. 1st: seperate them, 1 plant per pot.
    2nd: u need MORE light (some cfl's), the rule of thumb is 100w per plant or a minimum of 3500-5000 lumens per plant, & keep them close 2-4" away.
    3rd: they are stretching for more light --^--
    4th: get a fan on them.
  3. How many CFL's would you reccomend? I have one 65 watt in there right now.
  4. That's probably a "65 watt equivalent incandescent", which I believe is actually only between 13-15 watts of "actual" CFL wattage.

    From what I've gathered, it seems that 15w/sf for seedlings and 30w/sf for veg is the minimum amount for decent, yet good, growth.

    You also need to have started both of them in separate, smaller containers - like those red solo beer cups or Styrofoam cups.. that huge pot is going to stay moist for a while even with drainage holes blocked up. You'll definitely need airflow to dry that soil out to help promote root growth, otherwise it will stay stunted. It may be too late now to transplant, but if you wait until the 3rd of 4th node appears, enough of a root system should have developed to allow a successful transplant. You could try it earlier, but the risk of shock and death is increased (I think).

    Of course, they are only seedlings. You could cull them and start over. You've only wasted a week, max!

    That looks like a soft white CFL, too. It looks that way at least from the reddish/orange glow coming from the bulb. That'll cause some stretching due to the red spectrum. Try to find some 26W Daylight (5500 or 6500K, and 100w incandescent equivalent) to veg the plants out with, it will promote a shorter and stockier plant. They have more of a blueish, natural looking light.

    EDIT: The ones you have (soft whites, I believe) are in the 2700k spectrum. Those are good for flowering, but not the best choice for vegging.

    Good luck!!!
  5. Ok. So since this post earlier today I have added a small fan being run by AC adapter and another 100w CFL. Should the fan also be plugged into the timer switch i have set up? or is it ok to let the fan run at all times? Thank you for all your help.
  6. You want to let the fan only run a couple hours out of the day for the first couple days. You could tip them over because they are stretchy. After a week or so you can leave the fan on.

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