First grow w/ NYPD, G Ape and Strawberry Cough

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  1. hey this is my firat grow and i think i hav a pretty good set up. any advice would be great. here is some pictures. the CFL pic is no longer like that. i have the seeds in the dark and sholud sprout soon

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  2. hey the grape ape and starwberry cough have begun to sprout. also should i use the dome or not here some pics

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  3. the dome helps for sure. if you can, use fans and a spray bottle to control temp and humidity, and you may consider a small heat pad (found at any pet store for 10$ and up) to put under the plants, they love when their soil is around 78 and they have a high humidity, if the air temp can be lower than the soil that helps too.. (this helps to cut down on the time it takes to get from seedling to veg stage)

    Looks like a decent area you have set up though.

    when you start nutrients (around week 4 or so) i highly suggest anything by foxfarm or advanced nutrients they both have good products, and when you go to get them, ask questions about growing tomatoes, they grow under almost identical conditions as bud...
  4. yeah i got a spray bottle with tap water thats been sittin out for a couple of days and a 20" fan on low. ok ill leave the dome on. also i fox farm ocean forest soil and humboldt nutes.
  5. rad.. looks like a good start.. whats your lighting situation?
  6. well those are 42/ 150 equivalents in the pics and in a couple of weeks ill have a 400 MH then when it flower time i have a 400 HPS.
  7. Looking good so far... Good luck!
  8. Nice many days has it been since you started germination.

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