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  1. What's good, GC? Newbie, but been lurkin for a bit. Anyway, had a small PC case at the beginning but switched to this $30 cabinet from Wally's. Started with 5, had to toss 1 because I started seeing balls. Dunno what the other 4 are yet. Figure I'll learn with the bagseed, make mistakes, etc. and let the next grow (once I know more what I'm doing) be some good shit.

    Using FFOF, tap water, and Big Bloom (per the chart).

    Got x4 6500K 26w's and x4 2700K 26w's. Got a small fan and a bigger fan on the inside. I'm gonna take it out once I replace the PC fan outake at the top with a better one and hope the temps stay down. And I tried my first LST attempt the other day (with some string and scotch tape lol).

    Thanks! :smoke:

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  2. Nice how old are they
  3. Thanks. Day 32, I flipped 12/12 early (2 weeks ago).
  4. Mine on 7th day, just switched to 20/4
  5. Anyone got an idea, from looking at them, when I should transplant?
  6. well here's me theory. I've never waited that long to transplant, but from my understanding here's my 2 cents.

    Those pots are WAY too small. Only givign them that much room to grow really stunts growth. On the other hand I see your working with space limitations, so maybe thats a good thing.

    Plants focus on root developement and green growth during veg, and during flower, focuses that energy to the buds. I think that because your already two week into flower, there is not need for you to transplant.
  7. Thanks. Definitely good info to take with me for the next grow. I can fit 2 decent size pots in there so if I get some females out of the 4, I'll toss the rest and I can put the keepers in a bigger pot. From what you're saying though, I can keep them in those cups since they're already flowering?
  8. I mean I can't tell you for sure, but it only makes sense that if your plants are not focusing on root developement anymore, there is no need to put them into new soil.
  9. Day 34 - Not too much going on. 2 on the left haven't show sex yet but I caught pistils on the 2 on the right. :D

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  10. Day 44: This little practice grow is going pretty good so far I think. 4 out of the 5 bagseeds I used came up females. Still waiting on the power supply for the exhaust fan to ship. Couple pics.

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  11. Day 54: power supply for the exhaust fan shipped and that shit is loud lol. Decided to leave the big fan inside too to help with temp issues. Prob gonna buy some good seeds at the beginning of the year. Still doing pretty good, couple pics:

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  12. Hey little late to the grow but I agree with MaineCronic that the pots are WAY to small. However I disagree in the second response the roots still grow until it dies and with pots that size they have to be extremely root bound by now. They are looking pretty stressed if they were my plants I would transplant yesterday. I know its late in your first grow (on my first as well) maybe just transplant half of em. I bet it makes a big difference. Glad to hear you have so many fems hope I'm as lucky.
  13. Much appreciated, bruh. I'm gonna go ahead and transplant a couple now. I'm glad I was lucky and got all these fems but I was really only hoping for two, due to space limitations (I don't even think I've got 4 bigger pots anyway). Anyway, I'll start the transplant and report back. Thanks for checking my first out, I'm reading through your's right now.
  14. Hey thanks for the sub. Have you transplanted yet?
  15. [quote name='"swannsonite"']Hey thanks for the sub. Have you transplanted yet?[/quote]

    Yeah, they were definitely getting root bound. First time doing a transplant and I had to do it 4 times, so I hope I did em right. Moved some stuff around and got em all in. Tossed in some more bulbs too and decide to add molasses to my watering after reading some threads. I hope the transplant didn't fuck em up too much.

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  16. in your first pic i can see light around the doors,
    THEY NEED TOTAL DARKNESS when your lights are out,
    that means no looking in at all when lights are off,
    hang a dark thick cloth over the outside for now or make some DIY strips of wood on the inside to STOP the light getting IN it's very inportant.
    good luck with the new seeds dude.

    forgot to say have a look for AIR POTS
  17. Thanks for checking out my grow! I sealed up some spots on the inside and put weather stripping and black tape on the sides, and I keep a couple black shirts hanging in front of it. Really all just for good measure bc it's in a closet that stays closed when it's their bedtime so no lights gets in there anyway.

    Oh, and you sold me on the air pots, thanks! I looked em up and I definitely gotta get some when I buy new seeds. Any brick and mortar sell em? (Home Depot, etc.?)

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  18. sorry i don't know where you would get them in the usa as i am in czech.
  19. HD doesnt sell smartpots or airpots. Local hydro shop will
  20. [quote name='"hemi4spd"']HD doesnt sell smartpots or airpots. Local hydro shop will[/quote]

    Cool. I'll pick up a couple next time I'm at the shop. Couple pics after the transplant. They seem to be doing alright now.

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