First Grow W. Bagseed. Feedback Please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WavyClouds, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Appreciate it man , finally something positive.
  2. Don't even look like 5 grams to me..

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  3. Dude you are using miracle grow. The worst soil ever for cannabis.

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  4. So you should take some advice. Buy a pot bible and read it all the way through and then come back and you will probably get more positive feed back. Don't think outside the box, remove the box completely. These 2 ladies are my first outdoor grow this year. I read my book and did extensive research and maybe get a pound a plant. I didn't put mine outside till may 26th. Good luck to you.

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  5. Next time you grow man you need to pick a spot with almost 24/7 sunlight from dawn to dusk. And start your growing sometime in April or May because if you do your plant will vegetate for months and grow up to 6 feet even if you do it right. it seems to me you started late or your plant was getting little sun which triggered budding so early. 
    I highly, Highly recommend using your own soil mix in a "SMART POT" . It wont stop growing :) Better than what you are using now besides  the contrary. 
    BTW. i think two weeks not one untill its finished. Good luck. Do research next time for a better grow. 
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    Yeah Do You think I don't know that, how Tf would that help me ? Go somewhere else
  7. Impressed man, But the situations Not the best rn. You put yours out a Day before i germinated mine.
    Good Job man, :rep:
    Yeah I guess You got to start somewhere. Thanks for saying Something Helpful, and not saying the same stupid sarcastic shit above ^
  8. Agreed Man, Couldn't get my hands on a book , just used the web And picked out certain information and put it all together. I guess a pot would've been a good idea, this areas around 10 yards from a Swamp. Whereas I figured If it was in a pot I would have to go back and forth every couple of days, and the spots Around 40 yards From a few houses and That'll arise Suspicion that I don't need.
  9. Well you should have considered the circumstances. Go there at night? But you should grow somewhere else 
  10. End product. Not nowhere near the best weight, but :Ey: for a first grow I Learned a lot, and the Buds are nice asf; better than the shitty mids they came from. Glad I did this-thanks for gcs Help everyone

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  11. i think jordan was tryin to help but nm its not my buisness. their good. u can take in the advice and do better next year. i got a question were bugs a problem for you?
  12. Ehm, Actually no I don't believe so. Was right by a swamp, the water line was arnd 15 ft away from the spot. Was more scared of Ali's and Snakes being right there when I turned a corner, but no I don't believe there was any bug problems after they got taller and bigger
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  13. Hey wavy clouds you prick, those guys were just trying to help and I would've guessed the same that they did. It's obvious you didn't do too much to prepare. What are you in middle school? Grow up. Their posts didn't have any negative connotations and for some reason you just assumed they did and were rude to them.

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  14. Lmao get the fuck out of here, All of the responses other than a few did nothing to help, nothing positive. I didn't assume anything, it's on the last 2 pages ffs. Think helping is about putting some shit down, telling someone what They should of done? You sound like someone w good Intentions, but really man get your assumptions straight before You come and call me out like this. Nothing cool man.
  15. ayyee WavyClouds.. when I first started I went thru about 3 seasons where everything possible that could go wrong probably happened. At least you got a harvest and know what mistakes you have to correct. Just get started next year early and we'll help you make it happen. Congrats on your first grow!
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  16. Thanks man, Really appreciate it bro

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