First Grow W. Bagseed. Feedback Please

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  1. First 3 pictures are my first plant, and the other 4 are of the other one ( Supercropped in veg ). Could anyone view through and give me any advice, or Aprox. Yield , or When I should chop her down. Started them in June, they vegged for 3 Mnths, and they're on the 3rd or 4th week of flower. Actually Upset they weren't as big as I thought they would end up considering I've waited so long. Hope I get something out of this, Any opinions are greatly appreciated, and hope The ppl of Gc are up to offer some help
  2. Advice...need more light, better soil medium.

    Harvest...30-45 days out?

    Yield...10-20 grams.

    Everybody here started somewhere, the good thing is you started and stayed with it for months so be proud of your little girls. Don't short change yourself and harvest early. Good luck.
  3. Only 10 to 20 grams? Tf. This shit would not be worth it if that's all, considering all the effort I put in :ruined day
  4. Lol.. ahhh cute little things they are.. I think hes a bit high on what youll harvest. Id say 10 grams, tops
  5. You think each or both together? Fuck 4 mnths for nothing
  6. I didnt realize you had 4 but probably 20 grams in total.

    You see 4 months wasted but I see 4 months experience. When I started mine was smaller and full of seeds. Dont feel bad, we all started right there.
    Next year take what you know and fill your head with more info.
  7. Thanks for responding so quickly, but nah I only have 2. I kinda started knowing That it's not likely il get anything at all, But It's still upsetting you know , especially w all the Risk involved.. I can work 1 day and pick up a half and have more than I would rn.. I'm pretty sure it's a high Sativa, they've all been tall and thin af, I got the seeds in a Q for 25. From your experience , Think they'll be graded as good smoke though the Bagseed Genetics? Taken good care, ferts;soil;daily watering, Think the high will deff be better than what it was before at least?
  8. Them being a bag seed could be why your plants didn't grow to what you expected. But sometimes a bag seed can surprise you. Not to put your grow down but it probably be something your going to smoke just because you grew it.

    I know its disappointing, but everyone started there. Your next grow will be better, but hey, the seeds was free.
  9. hit them with some more bloom and some molasses they will respond you have a 3 weeks before harvest hit em now!! 2 feeds will be enough 1 x a week then flush.... feed molasses with every watering. dont listen to the haters......your buds will double in size and then quadruple your last week bro
    you can still pull an ounce
  10. I'll put money on it the biggest factor why they didn't grow big is because of lack of sunlight. Also some good soil wouldn't hurt. Start looking now for a good plot for next year, and figure out what type of soil mixes you can make with local supplies . Above all find a good plot

    Sky's the limit
  11. Did You not read everything that's above^, i Did have Good soil, their both in 3x3 holes w m . g and other natural Ferts; fuck man a good plot? What makes You think I didn't try everything I could to Accually improve everything w.out moving them to a totally new area?
  12. Thanks for input Bro, Know of any alternatives other than molasses though? Never even heard of them, sounds like a good last resort but I don't know anything Abt it.
  13. go to walmart syrup isle pick up grandmas unsulphered or brher rabbit. the potassium should be 6 to 8 % also has calcium and magnesium in it. 1 teaspoon per gallon every waterings
  14. An update. How much longer do you think ? And how they looking ?
    First plant(first 3 pics)
    Second one: (last 4)
    Someone respond pls
  15. They look healthy. I dont think you have much longer left. Its hard to tell
  16. Thanks, Should I give it a week ?
  17. Giving it a week is always the correct answer, when you ask it about cannabis growing. It is likely ready, but a extra week will make it that much better.
  18. I'm giving you advice you don't have to be rude, mabe next year you will listen and actually get a worth while harvest. Have fun with your 5 gram plants kid

    Sky's the limit
  19. Ight w/e you don't know shit I did do Everything I could've done. Blocked.

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