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    5x5 tent with (4) 5gallon hydro buckets, 2 kosher kush, 2 truth band germinating. 2 Advanced Platinum P600's in veg mode. I've got lights on veg switch 24-7.

    For ventilation I have a 6" Hyper fan with controller, and 6"x24" Phresh Filter sitting outside of the tent bringing filtered air in from the AC'd room. My room temps are usually 70-73 degrees. Inside the tent is the same fan/filter combo exhausted into the attic. My temps inside the tent are 75-81 degrees, typically 77. 31-40 RH. PPM 400 PH 6.5.

    I wrapped plastic wrap around half of the filters - I read somewhere that because I've got a 24" filter and a 5x5 it would be best to use half @ 12"? Is that ok or should I pull the plastic wrap off?

    What percentage should I have the controllers set to? I've got the intake on low and the outtake slightly above that now. Looks like negative pressure the tent is bowing in a little.

    When I turn the bloom lights on - the temps go up to 88-93 degrees... seems too high already. It gets 100 degrees outside in the summer. So I bought a 8000btu floor standing AC. How do I vent that cool air into the tent with the intake fan/filter combo I already have? How would you change/adjust this set up?

    edit: I hooked the AC up and even on low the blow is pretty forceful, wondering how this would work with the filter/fan - should I get rid of the intake filter/fan? Does the AC absolutely have to exhaust outside of the room? If so is another vent into the attic ok?

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