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Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Munch, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. This is my first attempt at growing and I hope it will turn out well. I plan on putting 4 plants in a walk-in closet with about 4'X6' of space. I am going to move that wooden bar in the closet out a bit and hang a 400W HPS from it.
    I have a couple portable fans in there for ventilation and to help strengthen the plant stems. Odor is not really an issue so I have no carbon scrubbers or air outakes.
    As for the medium I am going to use soil in pots with whatever nutrients I pick up at the store. The seeds I have are all saved from my past pickups. I have some Sour Diesel, Generic Purple seeds, random sativa bagseed, and some seeds my friend saved since the 70s I might try. Wish me luck I am sure I will have lots of questions along the way:hello:

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  2. Update on the op, 9 of 10 seeds germinated and were planted into soil on 1/26. All of them sprouted I ended up with 1 sour diesel and 8 purple plants.

    I started them out under some CFLs and I moved them under the 600W HPS a few days ago and they are doing great. Temps in the closet are around 75 constantly except for at night when they drop to around 60 when the lights are off.

    I have them on 18/6 schedule right now I water them every few days. I have two fans in the rooms and a vent in the ceiling to let hot air out. Humidity is around 40-50. Plan to veg them a little over a foot then start flowering.

    I accidently dropped one plant this morning and it got squished but she is still doing fine, stem is a little swayed. Along with a few other minor mess-ups my plants still seem to be doing good. Any comments/advice??

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  3. I transplanted them yesterday into some 5 gallon containers they are about 2 and a half weeks old. Temps are still around 75 and humidity is 50 percent. They are about 5-6 inches tall so I might veg them for a few more weeks then start flowering them.

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  4. Plants grew a lot since the last update. I started 12/12 on March 4 so it has been about 3 weeks. All of them are girls so I am pretty happy, the tall one in the back left is the Sour Diesel, the 4 purples are in the front row, and the other 3 are unknown. I feed them some Sensi Zyme and Sensi Bloom A and B every few weeks and also some other Roots Organic product I forgot the name of. Temps are around 75 and humidity stays around 40-50.

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  5. Nice plants Munch
    I will be following your grow.
    I am about the same as you just that I let them flowered on the 25th of february so they are a week older than yours.

    Keep up the good work bro

  6. Thanks man, I tried to check out your grow but the pics were removed I guess? Anyways today was their feed day so I gave them the SensiSym, Bloom A and B, and some Roots Organic Orengonism.

    Purple buds are growing more everyday and trichs are starting to show up, Sour Diesel is just starting to form the top flowers on all branches, and the unknown strain continues to grow bigger and juicier everyday.
  7. was the aurora roots product you used a liquid or powder?
  8. ahhh i saw you updated your using the oregonism...that shits the bomb....look at your babies it a coincidence were both from cali growing sour D and our shit looks bomb....good things happen in cali with this green shit!
  9. show me some pics of the diesel and tell me what day you are in of flowering? how long did you veg them?
  10. Today would be day 21 of flowering for all plants. I vegged them all for about a month, the Sour Diesel was 14" when switched to 12/12 and the rest were 10-12". They all really took off now the Sour Diesel grows inches everyday, in terms of budding though it is the slowest. Ill get some shots of the Sour D up for you soon
  11. yeah those diesel plants will end up being big if you begged them that long....and you have them in 5 gallon pots? dayum you should be expecting 4-5 ounces from each at least huh?

    how many diesel plants do you have? I want the pics fast! Im drooling...get me some stalk pics and some blades and viens please:eek:
  12. so you have no fresh air intake or CO2?
  13. Haha I didn't know to not let them veg that long, she is huge. They are in the 5 gallons also, I was hoping for a few ounces off each I don't know about 4-5 if that happens though I will be happy.

    After I finish this bowl I'll go take a few shots, BTW I only have the one diesel plant in the back left.
  14. I don't know if you would call it fresh air intake but I have just a vent in the floor and one in the ceiling to let air move in and out, also I keep a rotating fan on them constantly. I am in the room breathing out CO2 pretty often does that count hahaha?
  15. if you dont have alot of co2 every bit counts....they look really really good man...damn so those two close ups you have pics of are the kush and ???

    check out my grow. I have to take care of other people otherwise mine would be more like yours.

    damn that big girl is the diesel! fucking huge!you should tie that shit down man! LST time!
  16. also i dont know what kind of temps your at but you need that light closer....theres alot of room in between leaf sets...thats from stretch and low light.

    lets start tweeking this shit when your ready...I like your style...get it dialed in and youll have sticky dense buds! BOOM!:devious:

    if you would have trained those plants when they were younger you could eb looking at 4-5 ounces easy....mabee youll get 3...even so thats some bomb nuggets homie!
  17. Heres the SD shots as promised

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  18. Temps are around 70 in the morning and get up to 75-80 at most during the day, I am going to get some longer chains and get the HPS lower asap.
  19. gotta keep that light right down on those babies from the get want to drop it as low as you can....leave your hand just above the tips of the plants for 30 seconds....if it burns you its too close if its warm your ok!
  20. i topped my plants and vegged them for 2 weeks and they have the same amount of sets of leaves as yours but theyre only about 10 inches tall.

    Ive had mine under a 1000hps though from the start

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