First grow, utilizing steel cabinet. Ventilation and lighting questions

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    Hi there,
    So I've been wanting to grow for a while but haven't because landlord lives in building etc. I Decided that if I ever did it I'd have to be really stealth about it as LL usually comes into apartment a couple times of year. Recently decided after much research that perhaps I could use some of the more popular steel cabinet designs available online and make it myself.
    I purchased a used steel cabinet from CL, it measures 6.5'H, 2' D, 3' W.
    I decided to try and stick to similar features for a cabinet that's won multiple awards and good feedback from customers. The Cabinet I based this on was 6ft H, 2ft D, and 4 feet wide. So it's a little larger.
    It comes with a 6" fan 435 CFM's, 600W MH & HPS, AC Hood, Dimmable 600 W Ballast, Intake holes at bottom of Cab and One exhaust at top 6" a Phresh Filter and silencer. I ordered all the parts and have been figuring out how to cut good clean holes for intake and exhaust, I'll be using a couple of Hole saws and hoping for the best & hope I don't make a mess of the cabinet.

    My questions are... I'm worried the 600 Watts are gonna be to much and perhaps I went overboard on 435 CFM's? The ballast is dimmable so I'll be able to dial it back, and I Can purchase a controller for the hurricane 6" fan. I really wanted a 600W minimum because I want bigger buds.. but perhaps should have gone with 400 W.
    Anyone have any feedback here if I'm making a mistake by using 600 W and too high of CFM's? I don't wanna run too much air over the plants and give them that curled clawed leaf. Am I gonna burn my plants up? What is the correct ratio for passive intake vs outtake? 6" diameter for exhaust so intake is 12 or 18"?? I've heard different things. I haven't decided on the strain yet. I'll be using soil. Feeling a little bit anxious. I would appreciate any feedback.
  2. I like that you are making use of a locking steel cabinet. That shit isn't cheap.

    I think you would be better off building it yourself but that's just my opinion. I would definitely add a second inline fan and silencer. One for your light and one for your air filter.
  3. The 600's will be tough to use in the cabinet simply because of the heat they put off. However, they are most definitely to your benefit as far as the product that they will produce in that cabinet. The bulbs get really hot on them so a good STRONG air ventilation system will be a must to handle the heat from the lights. You will always need good constant air flow inside the cabinet down around the plants as well. This helps disperse heat from the lights overhead and also acts sort of like an exerciser to the plants and makes them stronger. But I would try my best to keep those lights and use them because the size and density of your buds in flower relate directly to how much good strong flower lighting they get during the cycle...assuming they were healthy going in. I don't know how many plants you're planning on trying to grow off, but don't get crazy with numbers. You can harvest more off a couple of plants that have had the proper environment, good care and good flower lighting than you can by shoving 3 in the space that one should actually go. When you crowd them in like they, it just creates a bunch of shading and you get very under developed buds, etc. A fair assessment of the area you need per plant is about 18". This gives the plant enough room to grow and expand, which it will do. They typically will double or triple in size during the flower cycle. But if you can get that cabinet together and figure out a way to move the heat off those lamps during the flower cycle, you will grow some really nice buds. Spend as much time reading up on the process of growing these in an indoor environment as you do thinking about the setup you'll put together to grow them with. They both go hand in hand and you can have the greatest grow room in the world, but if you don't understand how to grow the plants, you're not going to get anything from it. In the new grower threads there are several posts specifically for the new grower that contain the very basic information that every grow needs to know BEFORE they even drop a seed into soil. It's not like any gardening I've ever done before and I've been a vegetable and flower gardener all my life. So go onto those threads and start reading. You will quickly pick up on things that you need to understand and incorporate into your own grow. Good luck! TWW
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    As long as your exhaust is set up right, dumping away from your grow and you have cool enough incoming temps you'll be fine with that 600. I have two 600s in a 2x4. Get a speed controller for the fan for better control. Is the 600 dimmable in case you struggle at first until you get it figured out?
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  5. Thanks so much guys!!!
    Thicken Dense so you think I should add as second inline to the top for either the light or filter. I purchased one for now & will check temps once up and running & purchase 2nd if necessary. do you think the current fan will be overloaded handling both filter and heat?
    White Widow I was thinking of growing 3 or 4 but maybe I'll keep it at two and perhaps down the road I'll try scrogging with a few more to try different strains. I've been reading the forums which has been super helpful. I've also read through Ed Rosenthal books and Jorge cervantes. but doing is different than just reading right.

    Killset yes I have purchased a phantom 600 dimmable so my plan is to dim down Horti bulbs if necessary.

    The room I'm gonna keep the cab in is usually at about 70 degrees Farenh, I've been checking temps daily. Regarding fresh air I cannot use the window in the room as it faces the street and in eye level of neighbors parking spot.
    So I just have to use the existing air in the space it'll be in which is 6.5 feet x 12 feet. Perhaps I could draw in fresh air from the space that is adjacent to room?
    Does anyone know if I cut 6" exhaust for now up top how many inches I should cut out down below for passive intake? I have a 1 1/8th" & 6" hole saw available for use. I've read double the intake size in some forums and triple the space in others. And how much does it matter if I cut the lower intake holes on sides of cab vs behind the cab? The outtake will be at very top of cab. I want to make sure that its the correct ratio/formula.

    I really appreciate the input guys. I want to be as thought out as possible even though I know I'll make mistakes. sorry if some of these questions are redundant.

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