First Grow using Undercurrent Set up Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Jamesw12, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Would like some thoughts on this grow set up or if i should change anything or in particular add anything. Keen to know if anyone completed a grow with a similar set up and any problems you might have had , Actual yields and timeframes from start to finish

    Undercurrent current culture 8XL
    Current culture cage
    Undercurrent Nutes AB grow and flowering, bud booters & Root treatment
    Ph down (nulife Tech)
    Canna Aqua Expanded clay
    [Model: Bluelab Pro Controller + PeriPod M3]
    Blackdog Lights PhytoMax-2 800
    100L Top up reservoir
    x2 pair of rackets
    Timer for lights

    Temp is pretty low at the moment. So i didn't purchase a water chiller or Exhaust fan. Was hoping to check the rainwater we get out here when the sensor arrives. Fingers crossed for a Low PPM.

    I do a fair amount of welding so will knock up a frame with doors and plywood and attach mylar to the sides any recommendation in terms of size ?

    Did a fair bit of research so hope i got it right, Looking for a proven system that essentially as fool proof and stable as i could make it . Minimal human input Ph will be adjusted automatically , PPM will also be adjusted automatically , Water uptake will be replaced with reservoir automatically.

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