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  1. hey whats up GC! this is my first grow and decided id like to share my experiences with you all and hopefully get some advice and tips on how to better my grow. i started with some bagseed, im going to be buying some seeds from nirvana within the next couple of days. so far my plant is about a week and a half old. its in a 3-gallon pot with 1/3 coco, 1/3 perlite, and 1/3 vermiculite. im using 2-100w CFLs in a GL40 GrowLab Grow Tent the dimensions are 1'4" wide x 1'4" deep x 3'11" tall. as for nutrients im using the flora series from general hydroponics and i got myself a pH kit. currently the temp in my tent is 80degrees with 40% humidity. my plant got off to a rough start, im not quite sure what happened? its looking a lot better now than it did a few days ago. let me know what you guys think!

    (the last pic is from when it was 2 days old)

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  2. Can anyone also let me know how I can bring my plant back to being completely green? Will this affect my yield in any way?
  3. impossible to make it green again... cut the affected areas out like I did and I suppose most ppl do.

    It seems we two are having a little problem growing... both of our plants are not really nicely developed for that amout of time...

    I got a auto cream caramel and its like more than 2 weeks old with only 2 sets of leaves and none of them are true leaves with 5 sides... 2 sides max.

    So what's the problem? :/

    Also is soil pH 6 good enough?
  4. Here's my plant at 2 weeks today. Moved my lights to about 1-2inches from the plant. It's been kinda hard to keep my humidity in the 50s and temp in 70s. Current humidity is 44% and temp is 82. Going to be adding 2 more 100w equivalent cfls to the tent as well. As you can see I cut the brown brown tips from the leaves today. Not sure if my plant is too small for 2 weeks? Also haven't watered it since I watered it with nutes.
  5. Oh yea here's the pic.

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  6. she looks a bit sick bro but I think it's ok.

    I will make a guess, not sure tho but it may be pH, and u are not giving any nutes I suppose?

    Is it really more than a week old? are you counting from the day it sprouted?
  7. Yea it's been 2 weeks since the day it sprouted. I gave it nutes at 1/4 strength on Sunday and haven't watered since. The coco is still a little moist when you put ur finger about an inch down.
  8. This is probably a better top view.

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  9. yeah it really slow developing just like my auto... mine is a bit bigger than yours but still low developing... we got to wait for more ppl to answer... I heard it may be light deprive but you got more than enough light in there and they are near to it right?
  10. Yea I have two 100w equivalent cfls about 2 inches from the plant.
  11. yeah that's more than enough... hopefully someone will answer and help you, good luck and if you want to check my 3 weeks plant I will be grateful... I gave it to a friend had some family issues :( there is only one pic which shows it's actual size... it's about 2-2.5 inches tall
  12. It looked awesome at day 9! Lol I'm guessing we messed up on our pH but then again I'm completely new at this so I'm not sure...

  13. yeah my ph is fucked up too... could I get some contact to you like messenger, e-mail or facebook so we advice each other?

    pm me
  14. Quick update. Day 16 since it sprouted. Cfls are a lot closer. Still getting some brown tips. Gonna buy a pH pen very soon so I can an accurate reading. Here are some pic.

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  15. Thinking about setting my lights to 18/6. I plan on vegging for about 3-4 more weeks depending on how big she gets. Is there a huge difference between keeping them on 24/7 n keeping them on 18hrs/off 6hrs?
  16. yes, your plant will actually get some rest during its cycle hehehe...u could cut back to 20/4 or 18/6....
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  18. Looks like it took a turn for the worst.. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I don't have high hopes for the next 5 days, my parents are coming to visit and I don't think they'll approve of my grow op lol. Gonna try n regulate the temps while when I can, it got to about 90 today, I can't have it going that high for the next couple days obviously. Here's some pics sorry bout the quality. Had high hopes for it....

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  19. Gonna try n get a better pic tomorrow. So you can see the leaves better, there's a new leaf that came out n is almost all brown.
  20. I'm not that full of experience myself, but noticed no one has really answered your thread so I thought I would offer up some tips of advice..
    First of all, don't give your plants any nutes just yet, I made this mistake on my first grow. Your causing nute burn because it's still just a seedling and has a long ways to go, just water it in cycles and make sure your getting some airflow between the light and the seedling. It's my guess that the heat from the light as well as the nutes is causing the burnt tips.
    Hoped I helped

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