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  1. Im finally started up, since this is my first grow I am a bit cautious and started wit bag seed. I do have good genetic feminized seeds from single seed centre tho. I have a 4x4x7 grow tent, a 1,000 watt mh/hps light with ducting and carbon filter with a 440 cfm inline fan. I will start in Dixie cups with promix bx, will transplant to a well blended soil. I also will use nutrients from fox farm and advanced nutrients. Im starting off with jus 2 plants. So as I journey down my learning experience I hope u guys enjoy the show. I have jus started germinating 2 seeds and will post pics as soon as I can
  2. Nice dude. I'll be checking in.
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    i'll check in as well! Im also starting a new grow, 2 plants as well. germing now, Blue Dream & Sour OG Kush. I also have a bagseed grow started in week 1 of veg now, 2 days above soil. its sloppy though with 7 plants pot sharing. dont worry they get their own homes soon. i started those first seven with no real interest other than seeing if i could, but then got all excited and obsessed and built a whole setup. Lol. but now that i have these two seeds with awesome genetics im doing it right with them.

    heres the bagseed babies..... ****EDIT, i reread my reply and it read to me like i was thread jacking you like a spoiled little kid does! lol "hey look at me too!" sorry mate!****

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