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  1. Hello fellow blades :wave:

    Well I've got 4 successful plants now, they have been transplanted into bigger containers, however I think they are quickly outgrowing them. :( Anyway I've just got a few basic questions, I'm pretty sure that I've botched this grow in more ways than one but I'm still going to see it to the finish and attempt to smoke my creation.

    This is the soil I used [​IMG]

    Here are some pictures of my plants

    I didn't img tag them because I took high res pics, fyi. :)

    So I guess my questions are How are my plants looking? A few leaves got eaten by my sisters cat's should I trim them off? Will the missing leaves make a difference?
    Other than the missing leaves how do they look?
    When should I start to worry about sexing?

    Thanks for answering guys, happy growing! :hello: I can't wait to smoke these buds, even if they suck!
  2. i saw a comparison where the guy grew 2 plants, one with fox farms and one with expert.

    the foxfarms was 3x the size and the expert was yellow and shitty looking, sucks for you.

  3. Damn that sucks, should I try and repotthem with foxfarm soil??
  4. .......Yes no? :confused:
  5. The first plant doesn't look so bad, but that all depends on its veg time insofar. The second plant looks very undeveloped and unhealthy, no matter its age. So, do tell, what are the age of these 2 plants from sprout, and what light are you using?

    Also, I don't know anything about that expert soil, but that label that reads "feeds up to 9 months" has shit-medium written all over it (for cannabis, anyway).
  6. Hey you need to put this thread into the grow journals not absolute beginners.
  7. sup?definately nute burn on em what can you do not much except repot in better dont cut any fan leaves off the plants useing them tore up or not and if cut will slow the progress of the plant .
  8. Hmm I'll try to get some better soil and transplant them soon, I'm not too sure what age the plants are really, this is pretty much just a casual grow. I'm not keeping dates logs and all that. ^_^ I planted them sometime late march or early April though. Also I'm mostly just using sunlight then bringing them inside and using cfl's. Recommend me a good light?

    Sorry, if a mod could move it that'd be great.

    Ok I'll just leave them, thanks.

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