first grow weird fan leaf producing pistols

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  1. alright guys...this is my first grow

    almost to the 4th week of flowering.

    600W hps/ envy base nut/ connoisseur adv

    i have pics here of a fan leaf producing pistols/ bud it is crazy looking.

    i didnt realize that this was possible. obviously a mutation of some kind

    anyone ever seen this before?

    please make comments on this first grow

    this shit is not mine....i got all these pics from online and know nothing about growing marijuana nor do i grow marijuana im just making it all up for fun

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  2. hate to bumb myself but does anyone know anything about that mutation?
  3. First of all; In a nice way I lol at your paranoia.

    Secondly, looks good man. I don't think that's mutation, that's weed growing! Good job so far.
  4. that a new 1 for me lol, bit random, what strain you growing?
  5. i have seen it a few other times, however i am unable to find the pages of it but they were very interesting when grown out. ill be watching this
  6. ill be watching this too. thats weird as hell. maybe u have discovered the key to super weed. now u should figure out a way to get pistols on ALL ur fan leaves. =] :hello::wave::smoke::cool:

    who doesnt like smilies when baked as hell?
  7. the strain is ice... here is the thing, i have never checked my ph or anything. i get well water so i never mess with it its funny now...the buds are so huge that they have already covered up the fan leaf that was growing bud. ive talked to a couple of experienced growers and they say its the craziest thing they have ever seen. so i dont know... im in week 6 of flowering right now, got bout 4 left....but my tops are already way bigger than coke can width and about 2 foot tall. when i change my water next ill try to remember to take some more pics (if im not way toasted) has anyone ever start changing their water, then get ripped, then start adding nutes, then forget what you have already added, then have to pour out the water and start over cause you dont want to under/over feed?!!!!LOL
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    here is a current pic..their coming along nicely...i think

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  9. you better make some clones of that plant!!! clone the hell out of it lol

  10. I second that motion!
  11. if i really clone that particular fan leaf??......technically if it survived...was healthy...i could clone it and most fan leaves on the next "generation" would produce pistols???? is this what you are saying??? CRAZY....

    I MIGHT just try it....

    ill keep you posted
  12. Very nice what are you feeding it and how often! Def clone it! looks like a wonderful big bud strain lol!:hello:
  13. you should definitely clone it...:eek:
  14. clone and breed it is a recessive gene ( or combination of genes) that is causeing that ..I have tried to capture it before ..but it is hard ( leading me to belive it is a combination of genes) and I was unexperienced.

    the pistills can cover the stems..and almost all the way up the leaves ..when it really gets going.

    peace and good luck
  15. I have never seen growth like that before. That is amazing! I want to see a plant with leaves and stems covered in buds, fuckin crazy....

  16. Awesome. Super bud indeed.
  17. grow update they are in the second day of flushing. got about 7-8 days before harvest....

    this is some super crazy smoke...ive already cut a side branch off and dried it....its crazy intense

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