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  1. Whats up GC!? I made a new journal for this grow seing as the circumtances and setup have changed dramatically in a very short time.:devious:

    lol, So, heres the story.

    litte info on my situation 24 currently back at home w/ ma and her hubby. started germinating and vegging without telling them :/ Then decided that it was just wrong to do something like that without their consent, so I told them, Freaked innitially, lined up somewhere to move the setup, they then confronted me later with the OK,:hello: ,with a few stipulations. Limited to 2 Girls :rolleyes:2.and I Have to use the freshly broken Freezer in the basement !?!? basement is much easier to control the envronment in, ontop of being a better one to start with, And the freezer is an old school Full size standup, Its ALOT more space than i had available to me before so no complaints here. ( They had a change of heart after reading the new mmj laws and realizing their also applicable)

    Also in the basement is the central air unit, with 3 vents, all directly off the main distribution box. These vents kick out a TON of air, What would be the pros/Cons of using 1 of the vents for my intake to the freezer? Would this even work? I hope someone can help me here lol my ma's hubby and I are starting the freezer deconstruction later tday. Gunna try and hold off on doing much until i know if this is aworthwile idea or not.

    Strains. 1 of those Friend of a friend of a Uncle of a brother grows situations. Its apparently cross of his 2 fav. strains from over the years. Heclls it Hawaiin Hash. Really know nohing else about it, I smoked it before...strongest fruity favor ive had hands down..
    Also have a very weak and shell shocked Perma frost started, her 2nd set looks mutant tho.

    Lights. Veg 150w hps/ Flower 150w HPS + 4x 25w 2700k

    Freezer. 20" depthx 25" Width x 57 1/2" height

    Dyna Grow nutes ( generic)

    Going to tansplant them into 5gal BB's when the freezer is ready. I tried 1 and love the simplicity of it. not much can go wrong lol.

    Heres some pics, Lets here your ideas for the freezer!!! Also is my centail air idea anygood"?

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  2. I think youll be just fine bro. And props on doing the right thing and getting permission first. And right on to mom for being cool lol... anyways i think your making this a bit complicated. I run 3 grows inside a 1 bedroom apartment right now all in closet/tent style setups similiar to yours. The advantage to these setups is that you dont need an intake. But you can still use that A/C unit to your advantage. Cut a 4" hole in the top of your freezer and put an exhaust fan here. Youre gonna want no more than 180 cfm but even 160 would be plenty to keep your plants at a great temp. Cut some intakes at the bottom and as the fan pulls air out of your grow it will suck that cool air in all on its own. The results work amazing, believe me it works great. Your A/C unit also probably keeps that basement a stiff 70* which will work great for you. You can still use your intake idea but you have to have an exhaust anyways so why bother with the extra duct work(unless you really wanna lol). besides that looks great. like i said i run a lot of closet grows and have run the gammet on how to fix them so if you need anything just holler. good luck bro.

  3. Yea i figured she wouldnt mind if i was straight with her about it lol. Alright im gunna try it with just an exuast fan ( a hydro store just opened within drivig range so ill get the right cfm fan their.) Yea the bement is 68-70 this time of year pretty consistant down their:) Thanks for dropin by! Always appreciate the help!

  4. It's cool that they gave you the ok to have a couple plants. Good for you for talking to them about it. I have to admit I'd freak if my kids did something like that in my house without talking to me about it first.

    Will you be lining the walls / door of the freezer with mylar (sun film) or anything to help distribute light? (highly reflective, kind of looks like aluminum foil).

    I don't know that I'd do a direct connect with the a/c duct. You should be just fine with an intake pulling the cool air from the area the freezer is in. What our fellow GC'er recommended sounds like a good plan to me for intake / exhaust pulling from the bottom and out through the top.

    Will you be using a carbon scrubber for the aroma during flower?

    will you be connecting flex duct to the intake / exhaust to prevent light leaks? During veg it really doesn't matter too much when you're running your lights 24. But once you switch to 12/12 (or whatever light schedule you're gonna run) you'll want to make sure they get their hours of dark ;)

    The freezer is pretty :cool: you may be able to use the shelves to your advantage while your girls are you the ability to raise / lower as you see fit (if it has enough different levels to adjust the shelving).

    Do you have pics of the light you'll be using?

    I know third degree...LOL!

    GL with your grow.
  5. i dont know if id really use the mylar. THe inside of the fridge is white anyways so your gonna get like 90% reflectivity anyways. Plus mylar isnt cheap and it cost would cost a decent amount to do the whole fridge. She's right about the shelves though, huge opportunity there. You could use it to veg clones, or seedling. Ive even seen people use the fridge door to plant a SOG in and then the plants grew into the fridge(if that makes sense.) anyways update on the grow plan? decided how to do it yet?
  6. Yea i pln on mylar when i can afford right now a real inline exuast is more important( Picking 1 up afterwork tom., yay lol )

    I was planning on gutting the back of the door out for a little more space.

    Yes when the funds are availiable i will over it ith mylar.
    Im gunna go ahead and just try it without the a/c.
    For floweing eiter a carbon fiter or an ozone emitter.
    Now that you say it i WILL use flex duct LOL Thanks!
    It does! thirs a ton of "edges" to relocate the shelves to.

    Right now Ive got a chinese made 150w HPS and 4 sockets +4x 6500k's 4x 2700k's @ 26w

    Side note* This is my first indoor grow so if all goes well a light upgrade is in the future.

    My litte one is looking abit droopy and showing nute burn on the lowest set of leaves :( but i knew it was coming i added nutes too early :/

    ill add some pics later.

    Thanks for all the advice, keep it coming! and also the good words!!:smoking::wave:
    Thanks for the advice and good words :eek:
    so 254 watts for 2 girls, it should be nuff i think.
  7. i paid 30 bucks for 100 feet of mylar, the roll was 42" tall i think..
    its worth the investment, the money you save not buying smoke pays for it.
    a 150 watt light you will want to gain as much as you can..
    id recommend using cfl for side lighting..youll need the lumens...imo

    passive intake perfect...the more cfms the better with your fan, you can never have to much airfow..

    my 2 cents buddy...
    I bet if you had talked with your mother first..there would have never been an issue...lesson learned im sure..;)
    my sons bout ur age...ha ha...
  8. Just an fyi 254 watts is wicked over kill. plants cant use more than 80 watts of light at one time without CO2 added. Basically plants can only absorb so much CO2 naturally and pull an equal amount of light and nutrients for photosythesis. The amount they use though is directly related to each other. Just a friendly tip though, something to think about.
  9. For sure, def will end up gettin some mylar. LOL probably, and yes, i did.

    Interesting.. will keep it in mind!

    Heres some pics of it. Apparently called "Hawaiin Hash" but i dont really know..Lookin indica to me what you guys think, shes real short and bushy ....

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  10. :eek: Are you fucking serious...where did you get this information...
    i would like to go there and call BULLSHIT>>>>;)

    so why are you using 400 digitals with a super bulbs..
    should you be using 80 watters..

    Ive witnessed results from different lights without c02..
    obviously you havent...

    Trust me...more lumens= bigger buds and plants..
    denser buds also...;)
  11. i use a 400 digital because i grow 5 plants. and really watts mean shit... its all about lumens. my 400 watt creates about 55000 lumens which is about 7000 lumens a plant. plants though cant use more than about 10000 lumens withough co2 supplementation and if you use specialized lighting(LEDS) then the lumen ration is much lower because plants only use about 10% of HID lumens(this is because it has some light at all frequencies.) So fuck your bullshit budslinger. the fact is thats downright logical. If plants didnt have a cap for the amount of light they could use, wed all have 1000w over 1 plant producing 2 pound colas. so Youre right more lumens= more buds, but there is a point of diminishing return.
  12. Minimum 2,000 lumens per sq ft and ideal is between 3,500-5,000.....
    quoted out of your own article....

    150 watt HPS puts out 15K lumens...
    his side lights4 @ 6500= 26K lumens

    10 sq feet is his area...suggested lumens before fall off ...
    around 35K up to 50K

    so id say with the side light like I stated he will be right on target.

    Sry hpsbather.... didnt mean to jack ur thread,,,

    what i stated above is NOT bullshit.
    trying to help as i do everyday... So my friend .
    If you have an issue with me... lets keep this guys thread clean of the garbage talk...;)
  13. wow to say the least... first off his grow isnt 10 sq feet its 2 maybe. show me a homemade fridge thats 10 sq feet please... secondly 40000 lumens for 2 plants... obviously excessive...
  14. i really didnt want to add to this but the fact remains i misread the freezer measurements.
    i look at allot of threads...:eek:....
    ill bet ya inside that fridge is 10 sq ft...volume..:D

    now the lower floor is
    approx...4 sq ft.....i would still add a side light to help penetrate the canopy....
    i never said 4 sidelights.....ha ha......

    try it both ways buddy...
    the best growers learn from experience not graphs and charts...
    watch your temps..small spaces thats the biggest obsticales..

    40K on two plants is not excessive..can get ya 6-7 ounces a plant..
    in a 20"high growspace...with my screen of course...;)

  15. I was already planning on making a screen based off yours lol. I think the edges that are for holding the shelves wiill work great for holding a screen :)

    I think im gunna have 2 on each side of the freezer with the hps above centered.

    I Went to the local hydro store today ( it just opened a few weeks ago) They havea 160 cfm inline fan, BUT they want 110.00 for it :( now at the local hardware store i can get an inline exuast fan rated at 240 cfm for 59.99 .....

    not sure which ill get yet...
    I will be getting some of the 5 gallon bucket lids with BUILT IN 6" net pots!! 5 buc a getting 2 of those.

    They also have some florabloom/grow/micro for pretty cheap, im thinking of gettng that to replace my dyna grow and dyna bloom nutes. What do ya think?

    They have mylar but it was 89.99 for a roll..0_0 WTF! i think im only gunna get like nutes and medium and pots n stuff from this store, its so new anythiing electronic is really overpriced :/

    But i did sit and chat with the owner who was really cool, an gave me his suppliers website so i could see what he can order for me, cause he doesnt have much of a stock of anything( once again its a new strore)...He DID have a rather shiny EBB & flow system that i couldnt stop staring at lmao.

    Thanks for all the help guys! keep the advice a rollin i could sure use it lol!

    P.S Is tha actually a possible yeild in the space i have???!? Wet or dry lmao I thought at most maybe 1 or 2....not 5 or 6...EACH lmao.
  16. my screen in the cubby is 30"x 30"you can get a bunch out of there if done correctly..;)
  17. Teach the young Grasshopper Master~@!!
  18. ha ha......
    when you can take the pebble from my hand then and only then will your screen be full....rotflmao...

    study up on scrog man... check out my thread, jim dunlop, uncle nugs, august west..
    sergio does the sog method ..all these guys stellar gardeners and wont steer ya wrong..
    A picture says a thousand words....;)

  19. LMAO! tooo Funny!

    Heck yea, ive been following yours ,jims, and uncles, havent stumbled on august or sergios yet but im sure i will.

    HELP PLS! Ok i is looking REALLY droopy pointing the leave tips down and 2 of the first set of leaves look like their history and whatever it is is starting to show on other leave sets now and im really worried. Im pretty sure its because I introduced nutes WAY to early but how can I get it back on track, itseems to be getting progressively worse, I topped it ( later today will be 3 full days) ago and the node i cut has maybe regrown 2 1/2 -3 cm since then :( I did top it correcty tho as it has 2 main stalks growing from where i cut. All in all she hasnt dont much of anything this week, accept grow Craptons of

    heres some pics hopeflly someone can steer me in the right direction :/

    Sorry for the Warm hue in the pics i didnt wanna cyyce the hps this early just for 2 mins of snapping pics :/

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