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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cmbr66, Jan 18, 2003.

  1. I just wanted to know if your first grow was successful. what type of bud is good for newbies to grow?
  2. My first grow was a success - managed just under 2 ounces from one plant. Second looks much better...

    Northern Lights was what I grew, and seems to be the recommended here. Just read loads and ask if you need to...

  3. i haven't yet had the honor of starting my first grow (hopefully i will beable to begin the process in the next few weeks), but from what i hear there's a bit of varieties that are fairly easy to grow... northern lights is what a lot of n00bs start with because it's easy to grow and doesn't smell as strong, making it less likely you'll get caught... i'm personally going to start with Belladonna and Nebula in a SOG. hopefully i'll have luck with these two. from what i hear they're pretty easy to grow.
  4. yep im nub. i just made my dresser into grow room. i took of the covers and nailed them together so it still looks like a reg dresser but the inside is empty.
  5. groovy... if ya need a grow guide to go through to get down all the basics, just click the link in my signature... it's got mostly everything ya need to know to get started.

    good luck with everything :D

  6. that sounds awesome man! thats pretty stealth.. im just wondering about the height of the prospective plants... im growing in a 2ft wide by 4ft deep by 6ft high closet covered in mylar with a 430 watt son agro and some feminized mazar seeds.. everything is payed for and ordered, now comes the wait........

    Peace Out

  7. groovy. a dresser is usually good for NL, and such (as long as it's close to 4' high).

    dragoon, keep me updated on the mazar seeds. i was checking them out too for when i get everything all set up.

  8. no prob! i was actually going to get a digital camera and start a grow guide..

    as for the mazar seeds.. ive done alot of searching on different sites about em..and quite frankly: IM AMAZED!! the fact that they are feminized is amazing for yield and money and time. no males= more buds, less wasted time. also, mazar has one of THE highest THC contents of all strains... white widow is around 18.. mazar is 19.5%!

    im looking forward to puttin those babies into the ground..

    Peace Out
  9. yea my dresser is around 4ft. i just found a seed in my cronic. have no idea what kind of bud it is. guess imma get the stuff and start a plant.
  10. id order some seeds from either an online seed bank, or find someone who knows what strain and what kind of seeds they are to buy from, its usually better to go that way... and if you look around enough its really not totally OVER expensive to get some seeds from a respectable source, its usually well worth the extra in the end..
  11. yeah... has a good variety of seeds at fair prices.

    btw, dragoon... would you happen to know if mazar is good for SOG?
  12. well, its moslty indica(afghani/skunk cross),its: "a short bushy christmas tree like plant".. so i would think that sog would work well with it.. but i think you should be asking mcurry this and not me... lol

    Peace Out
  13. yes, very good for SOG....
  14. groovy. i asked you dragoon because you had mentioned doing quite a bit of research about it... figured you mighta came across whether or not it was a good SOG plant while researching...

    thanks for the info mcurry :D
  15. well im gonna plant that seed i found in my cronic. i was reading something that said most seeds found in weed are crap seeds. the plant will grow tall, slow, and take forever to bud. i cant order seeds online because my mom doesnt know i smoke. iuno do you think its even worth the time and effort to grow this seed?
  16. i done one seed from a bag before and got 6oz from one plant....what have you got to lose....just grow it along with like anothr 2 or 3 so as if it doesn't work out, then you'll still have's all about learning from your mistakes, no point in trying with really expensive seeds on your first attempt....Peace out...Sid
  17. if you ordered anything on-line, you could have it sent to a non-growing friend's house... then pick it up there. the seeds are usually sent in discreet packaging, too. just so ya know :D

    and also... some of the seeds on that site are only like $30-ish for like 10 of 'em.... some of the femenized strains are only like $40... so they're really not all that expensive.
  18. just a comment on ur 'cronic' seeds.

    if it was grown inside...prob a pretty good shot that the seeds are of good strains.

    if if was grown outside...well then the chances go down.
    pollin can travel up to 200 miles.

    u know who mom was...that was mrs cronic...but u dont know who dad was...what if he was ditch weed from 10 miles away?

    also...just cuz u know ur mom and dad were of good lineage...doesnt mean baby seed is gonna be the best of the genetics...sometimes its the worst.

    but hey what u got to lose...its free...mrs cronic and mr ditch weed still gonna get ya stoned. and u are getting ur craft down...then in a few years...order 150$/10 seeds of the best stuff and u will know what u are doing...

  19. heh, maann... ive had a bad experience with ordering from an online seed bank(namely emeryseeds...) after more than two months the seeds came.. but heres the thing, i still live with my rents.. i specifically described on the order form to put MY name on the envelope. what does emery do? they put my DADS name on it.. i dont know how the fock they got his name or why they put it on.. but long story short, if i still want to grow in this house its going to have to be so unimaginably stealth that no one would ever hear, smell, or suspect a thing. Tough you say? DEFINITELY.. but worth it? OOOHHH YES!

    heres my plan, ive already got a son agro growlight(recommended by high times magazine).. as light is basically the most limiting factor indoors(therefore the most important)

    ive invested in the light that can be described as: "Internodal length of plants grown with the Son Agro are the shortest ever seen with any type of lamp. Plants grown under this lamp are incredibly bushy, compact and grow very fast. The beauty of this bulb is that you do not give up most of the advantages of MH lamps, such as minimal internode spacing and early maturation, like most HPS users do, and you have all advantages of a HPS lamp.One bulb does it all."

  20. its not that i dont wanna grow its the RISK growing the plant and it might end up being a crap plant. hmm sounds good sid. the seed i found was in a nug when i was breaking up the weed to roll a joint.

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