First grow trying low stress training does it look right?

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  1. Iv tried doing low stress training on my afghan kush they are in 5gallon pots with coco substrate mixed with clay pebbles they are under a 600watt hps light and have got another light for flower so they will have 1 600watt lamps under 4 plants i have 8 plants altogether i am feeding with advanced nutrients. Im just wondering if this looks like everything is ok and how much longer i should leave them in veg they have been in for around 2 and a half weeks today was thinking of leaving them in for a total of 4 weeks . My grow space is a 8ft by 4ft by 6ft high grow tent. image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Looks great!! I think you're good to go with that veg time but that's you're call. Cross that bridge when you get to it.
  3. Thanks mate ill just see what they are like in another 2 weeks or something is there anything that i have to wait for bethor i switch to flower or can i switch them at anytime?
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    everything looking good to me i recommend a scrog with that lst
  5. I think your light isn't up to the task. an 8x4 tent should have 2x1000watters in it
  6. or even better, three 600watters
  7. Theres only 8 plants in here a 600watt over 4 plants is enough

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